How to place the kitchen washing table and stove in line with Feng Shui

The kitchen is divided into water and fire, and we all know that water and fire are mutually exclusive among the five elements. If the kitchen is not properly arranged, water and fire may be mutually exclusive, affecting our luck and so on. In particular, it affects the feng shui of the kitchen and endangers our health. We have to pay attention to this. The two major aspects to avoid water and fire are the pool and stove, So what is the Feng Shui arrangement of kitchen sink and stove? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

1. Feng Shui placement of the stove

1. Where is the most suitable place to set the stove? The East and southeast are the most suitable places. Both places can be exposed to the sun, so it can also keep the kitchen very dry all the time. If it is a building facing south, the back balcony is in the north. In this case, although there is no sunshine, the stove is often set in the east or Southeast in kitchen decoration

2. Try to avoid hanging the stove. Due to the lack of space, some people often put the stove in a hanging shape on the floating windowsill or anti-theft net. According to the traditional saying, it is best to make the stove ” Landing ” , The ancients believed that such a good land atmosphere was conducive to wealth; From the perspective of modern security, many potential safety hazards can be avoided

3. The stove cannot face the bedroom door and kitchen door directly; In stove Feng Shui, facing the bedroom door will affect the health of the whole family; Facing the kitchen door will make fortune worse and there will be more quarrels at home

4. Generally, in China, stoves are not placed in the middle of their kitchens, because in the feng shui of stoves, the empty layout of the kitchen will make family members uncertain, which has a great impact on their wealth and health

2. Feng Shui placement of the kitchen sink

1. From the perspective of the five elements, we all know the truth that water and fire overcome each other and understand the truth that water and fire are incompatible. Therefore, in the design of the kitchen sink, we can’t design the sink too close to the stove. In this way, it will bring health problems to the kitchen cook, and it will affect the cooking temperature and make the food bad, After eating, it will make the family feel uncomfortable. Therefore, according to the feng shui of the kitchen pool, the vegetable washing table must be far away from the stove

2. For the position of the kitchen washing table, we’d better choose the place near the window, because the kitchen stove can be located near the South and North, so as to avoid bringing bad feng shui to the stove when the sun goes down, and make the cook look different in such a bad mood

3. There is no hedge between the dish washing table and the stove

the dish washing table produces water gas, the stove produces fire gas, the five elements generate each other, and water and fire overcome each other. In this way, there will be danger, the career will not be smooth, the husband and wife’s feelings will be prone to contradictions, resulting in family discord; Therefore, the stove in the kitchen cannot be opposed to the vegetable washing table or refrigerator, nor can it be close to the pool. At the same time, it should be noted that the stove should not be independent in the center of the kitchen, because if the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, it will affect family harmony

4. The kitchen sink and stove should sit from north to South

in terms of kitchen Feng Shui, the magnetic field of the north wall is the best, and the ideal position of the kitchen sink and stove should sit from north to south, that is, close to the north wall. The dish washing table and stove near the north are conducive to gathering vitality in the north and helping the family prosper

in the kitchen, the feng shui of the stove and the vegetable washing table has always been an aspect that people care about and worry about, and the above is the relevant articles on the stove and the pool compiled by Xiao. Do you know

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