There are these buildings near home. Feng Shui is not good

Buying a house must pay attention to a good feng shui. Only in this way can you get a good fortune, but many people may not know that even if you ignore a small problem, the area around the house will be easily ignored by the surrounding air flow. Therefore, Feng Shui in the area must be bad for these interests. Let’s understand the problems we encounter


if your home is near the overpass, such residential Feng Shui must be not very good, because there must be cars coming and going near the overpass, and often make all kinds of noise, and there will be a lot of spiral airflow, which are easy to erode the surrounding houses, Therefore, if you live in such a house for a long time, the internal feng shui will gradually break, and your physical and mental health will also be threatened. The most direct thing is that it has a serious impact on people’s sleep quality, and there will be problems of cars coming and going outside, so even if the sound insulation is good, you will be troubled

launch tower

I believe many people have heard similar news, that is, the villagers reported that the telecom company built a launch tower near their home, because most psychological launch towers will certainly produce radiation, which is harmful to people’s health, so people with a little common sense will oppose science, and the radiation of the launch tower itself will be very low, Generally, it will not have any impact on the human body? But for Feng Shui, it’s actually different. Feng Shui is relatively sensitive. If it’s a launch tower, it’s generally working 24 hours. The radiation emitted is continuous, which will change the energy of Feng Shui and make the originally stable Feng Shui unstable. Although the general impact is small, it will also make the owner’s luck decline

gas stations

now there are more and more cars, which will continue to grow every year, so gas stations will naturally be more and more, and the threat to houses must be greater and greater. Let alone the safety of refueling, the main reason is that gasoline itself carries some harmful gases into houses, We know that the gas station will give off an unpleasant smell. If it is near the gas station of the house, it may spread to your home, so that the whole family will smell an unpleasant smell without it. Then it will affect people’s health. Moreover, the noise of cars near the gas station is very loud, and the noise is also a kind of bad breath in Feng Shui

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