Feng Shui taboo at the entrance of the corridor

Stairs are quite common in our life, and can play the role of leading from low to high, which has brought a lot of convenience to our life. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the location of stairs can directly affect the luck and health of the family, so the orientation of stairs is very important. In Feng Shui, the gate is not suitable for stairs, because it will cause certain problems in the master’s luck, wealth and even body. However, the stair design problems of some unit houses or their own buildings will make the gate face the stairs. Then, how to resolve the feng shui of the gate to the stairs? If a house opens in all directions, there will be airflow pouring in from all directions. Although it receives the atmosphere of all directions, it is harmful to Feng Shui because the airflow collides with each other. If you are still confused about the feng shui of the gate to the stairs, you might as well come with me to understand it

is the gate good for stairs?

the gate is bad for stairs. This belongs to the traditional Feng Shui ” Morning glory ” ; Also commonly known as ” Nose pulling water ” ; Or ” Go downstairs;. Also known as ” in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore; Morning glory rush ” ;. The gate is very particular. The gate cannot directly face the window, the kitchen (water supply) or the bathroom (water supply), and the sofa, desk or bed

what is the impact of the gate on the stairs

the gate on the stairs will cause the outflow of good luck, wealth and even health, team centripetal force and so on, resulting in continuous bad luck and unknown trend. The staircase itself forms a flowing gas field, so whether it is an upward or downward staircase. Its aura fluctuates back and forth, which leads to the extremely unfavorable fleeting time of the company and team. Some office buildings are duplex structure, this problem will also occur

Feng Shui solution of the door to the stairs

generally speaking, changing the door direction and avoiding the stairs is the most fundamental method, but we can’t change it because of many external factors. We also have other ways to dissolve the front door facing the stairs without changing the direction of the door

1. Install a threshold about three inches high on the gate

2. Screen or cabinet shall be set at the entrance to separate the gate and face the stairs

3. Set Shanhai town at the gate and face it to the stairs, so that the evil spirit of Petunia can be dissolved

4. For houses that do business and open companies, the God of wealth can be pasted on the door

5. Taishan stone dare can be used to solve the problem

6. Place a string of five emperors’ copper coins or silver dollar brocade bags on the lintel of the indoor door to dissolve the evil spirit of Petunia

7. The color of the door or the pattern of the iron gate can be modified

8. 12 Chinese knots are hung on the gate

1. Of course, this is not good. Stairs are a big taboo for the door in Feng Shui. Try to avoid this situation whether you buy a house or build your own house

A. first, the stairs bend upward, and each step is a block, which is easy to cut off the entrance ” Qi, It will also take the earth’s atmosphere away, resulting in the phenomenon of not gathering money

B. secondly, the staircase itself forms a flowing gas field, whether it is an upward or downward staircase. The aura fluctuates back and forth. In terms of Feng Shui, it is easy to lead to the bad luck of families or company teams

C. finally, if the stairs are to the South and there is strong sunshine in summer, it is easy to dazzle people, which is unfavorable to those who go up and down the stairs. If the stairs go north, the strong wind in winter will open the heating in the building, which is easy to make people catch a cold and unable to do things. In addition, this position is the main labor, which is easy to make people go out to work and cause urinary system diseases

2. Solution of door to staircase:

A. install a three inch high threshold at the door or place a screen in the door

B. hang 12 Chinese knots above the gate, which can be effectively resolved

C. set Shanhai town at the gate and face Shanhai town to the stairs to dissolve the evil spirit of Petunia

D. for business and company houses, the God of wealth can face the door

e, family or individual can use Taishan stone dare to dissolve the house

F. hang a concave gossip mirror on the lintel, because the concave mirror has the power to attract and condense. Collect the lost gas and money will accumulate more easily than in the past. At the same time, the concave mirror can also deform the stairs and turn out into an entrance

g. if there is more than one door in some families, try to use less the door facing the stairs and more the door not opposite the stairs

h. if it is a self built house, it is recommended to turn the stairs facing the gate in one direction, for example, design the stairs into an arc, and make the entrance of the stairs back to the gate. Second, hide the stairs, preferably behind the wall

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