Is there anything particular about the tea table in the living room

Next to or in front of the sofa in the living room, there must be tea table decorations to echo each other. The tea table is the furniture used to place water cups and teapots. It is indispensable to place the tea table near the sofa. The sofa is the host and the coffee table is the guest; The higher sofa is the mountain and the lower tea table is the water. The two must cooperate. Only when the mountains and rivers are affectionate can they meet the Tao of Feng Shui. The sofa should be tall and the tea table should be short. If the area of the tea table is too large, it is not a good omen, so the tea table in front of the sofa should not be too large

the tea table should be selected on the principle of flat. If people sit on the sofa and the tea table is not higher than their knees, it is ideal. In addition, the tea table placed in front of the sofa must have enough space. If the distance between the sofa and the tea table is too close, there will be a lot of inconvenience

the shape of the tea table is most ideal in rectangle, and it can be round. The prismatic tea table with sharp corners is definitely not suitable for selection. If the space in front of the sofa is not enough, you can put the tea table next to the sofa

in the long living room, tea tables should be placed on both sides of the sofa. The tea tables on both sides are like green dragons and white tigers, so that the people on the seat can be assisted by left and right hands, which not only makes good use of the space, but also meets the design requirements. Besides ornaments and flowers to beautify the environment, the tea table can also be equipped with telephones and desk lamps, which is convenient and practical, so the tea table is an indispensable appliance in the living room

the choice of tea table needs to pay attention to both beauty and function. In addition to the function of beautiful decoration, the tea table also carries tea sets and small food. Therefore, we should also pay attention to its wearing function and storage function. If the room is small, you can consider buying a tea table with storage function or expansion function to adjust it according to the needs of the owner. For example, many tea tables are now designed with several layers of partitions. The top layer of the tea table can be used to put tea sets or fruit plates when chatting with guests, while the lower layers can put books and other things

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