The decoration of children’s bedroom is exquisite in Feng Shui

Children’s education should be started from an early age. The subtle influence of Feng Shui in their living room can not be ignored. As parents, they should understand Feng Shui in the decoration of children’s bedroom , so that children can study, play and sleep freely in their own small world. In order for children to sleep well, children’s bed should be comfortable and attractive, so that children are willing to sleep peacefully. Soft pillows and quilts made of natural cloth will give children a sense of intimacy

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children’s bedroom decoration Feng Shui

children’s bedroom decoration feng shui knowledge

children’s bedroom walls should not post too fancy wallpaper (upset and irritable). Children’s bedroom walls cannot be pasted with pictures of warriors and fighters, so as to avoid the mentality of good fighting wolves in children’s hearts. Don’t close or lock the dolls in the children’s room. The floor of children’s bedroom cannot be covered with crimson carpet. The floor of children’s bedroom cannot be covered with long wool carpet, which is easy to suffer from bronchitis. Children’s bedroom wall can not be painted pink, personality is easy to be irritable. Children’s bedrooms should be tidy and tidy as far as possible, otherwise it is easy to develop scattered living habits. Do not flush the door behind or around the children’s desk. The children’s desk should not face the toilet Children’s desks should not be backed against the bathroom. Children’s desks should not collide with the bathroom door. Do not flush the toilet door behind the child’s desk. The child’s bed cannot sleep or sit under the beam. If the child’s desk faces the window, don’t be too sunny. It’s easy to get upset. Children’s desks should not sit against the French windows on the balcony

children’s beds cannot be on the balcony (that is, after the expansion, all or part of the children’s beds are located on the balcony). Children’s beds should not be on or off the kitchen stove (prone to skin diseases, upset and irritable). Children’s desks should not be on or off the kitchen stove. Children’s beds are not allowed to go up and down the toilet table. Children’s desks should not be above or below the bathroom. Children’s bedroom door cannot be opposed to the toilet door. Children’s bedrooms cannot be located next to the machine room (especially the tiger side, which is easy to cause cerebral neurasthenia). Children’s bedrooms cannot be located under the balcony. The child’s bed can not be placed directly under the God’s seat in the shrine (it’s best not when the child is normal), but can be located above (the second floor) (if the child becomes bad). No motor is allowed to rotate on the right side of the child’s bed and desk and at the head of the bed. There is no air conditioning on the head of the bed and the exhaust fan is rotating (prone to colds). The head of the child’s bed is unreliable, in front of and behind the toilet

the child’s bedroom sits towards Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that the northwest orientation of the house symbolizes authority and massiness. It is the position of the head of the family and should be reserved for adults to make bedrooms. If the child sleeps here for a long time, although it can make him make great progress in some aspects, it will also make the child grow old and precocious, lose the child’s inherent innocence, and is not conducive to his learning and growth. The head of the children’s bed is better to the East and Southeast. Because the East and Southeast five elements belong to wood, which is conducive to growth and is very beneficial to children’s height and health. However, if children have difficulty sleeping at night, they can choose the calmer West and North. The bed head facing the South will lead to children’s irritability, the Northeast will lead to children’s carelessness, the southwest will lead to children’s timidity and restraint, and the northwest will lead to children’s premature puberty. It’s best to choose carefully, because these positions are unfavorable to children’s growth

Feng Shui of children’s bedroom desk

when placing the desk, we should first pay attention to the buildings outside the window. If the child’s desk is facing the roof, electric pole, water tower or alley outside the window, it is easy to cause children’s headache and affect their study. If the child’s desk is backed or facing the bathroom, or is located above or below the bathroom and stove, it will lead to the child’s irritability and lack of peace of mind to stay at home and study. In addition, both sides of the desk or rushing at the door behind the desk are ways to affect children’s dislike of reading, which should be avoided as far as possible. It’s best not to have tall furniture in front of the desk. The sense of oppression will make children uncomfortable and uneasy to study. Electric fans and lights should not be located directly above the desk. They press the desk, which is easy to make children feel stressed

it’s better not to use metal desks for children. The softness of wooden desks can make children feel close and enhance the effect of reading. Four treasures of study can be placed on the desk to increase the atmosphere of reading. Placing crystal on the desk can weaken the radiation impact brought by the computer. Its mild magnetic field is conducive to the development of intelligence and make children get twice the result with half the effort

Wenchang position is a position conducive to children’s learning. Whether the child’s bed is facing Wenchang position, the child’s desk is facing Wenchang position, or the child is facing Wenchang position when reading, it can be conducive to reading. According to the orientation of the children’s room, Wenchang is located in the south; To the children’s room in the northeast, Wenchang is located in the West; East of the children’s room, Wenchang is located in the southwest; The children’s room to the southeast, Wenchang is located in the East; The children’s room to the south, Wenchang is located in the Northeast; The children’s room to the southwest, Wenchang is located in the southwest; West of the children’s room, Wenchang is located in the northwest; To the northwest of the children’s room, Wenchang is located in the southwest

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