How to choose the best door Feng Shui

At present, the doors of most houses are in the form of suits, with the same style and size. When used at home, this kind of door will appear neat and have a better aesthetic feeling. But in fact, such a door will have a certain adverse impact on residential Feng Shui. After all, the Feng Shui Effect in different rooms is different, so the choice of door should also be different

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you should know that the function of the door is the air inlet, so the feng shui of the door will have a great impact on the Feng Shui in the house. Therefore, it is necessary for us to introduce the selection of the door

how to choose the best door Feng Shui? Door selection method

how to select the door

1. The best choice is based on the room feng shui. Because the Feng Shui effect is different in different rooms, the key contents that need to be paid attention to when selecting the door will also be different. For example, the door of the master bedroom must be different from that of other bedrooms. The door of the master bedroom should be slightly larger, while the door of other bedrooms should be slightly smaller, so as to highlight the main position of the master bedroom and avoid the problem of no distinction between primary and secondary

2. Select according to the function of the room. Because different rooms have different functions, there will be some differences in the key contents that need to be paid attention to when choosing the door. For example, the kitchen door and toilet door should be different. Generally, the kitchen door adopts transparent glass door, while the toilet door cannot adopt transparent glass door. After all, the toilet is a relatively hidden and private place, so it will be a little indecent to adopt transparent door

in addition, we should also pay attention to the color and material of the door. After all, the five element attributes of different rooms are different, and the material and color will also have certain five element attributes. If the color or material is equal to the five element attributes in the room, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on the Feng Shui and Qi field in the room

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