Must see shoes feng shui tips

Must see shoes feng shui tips

We talk about feng shui tips for shoe’s rack before.(Click Here to see feng shui tips for shoes ‘racks) In fact there are many feng shui tips for shoes which we need to know. Shoes feng shui also can decide our feng shui. So today we will talk about the feng shui tips for shoes.

Color of shoes: everyone has their own favorite color. Different color stands for different feng shui elements. So when we chose the shoes, the color of shoes shall match with your own elements. Below is the matrix of color and element. For example if your feng shui five element is Metal, the best color of your shoes are White, Golden and apricot. (Click here to find your owner feng shui five elements)

Color of shoes feng shui
Color of shoes feng shui

Metal: White, Golden and apricot;

Wood: cyan and Green;

Water: Black and Blue;

Fire: Red and Purple;

Earth: Yellow and Brown

Find one comfortable shoes for you: there are many kind of shoes on market. Such as: sneaker,Casual Shoes, slipper, high-heeled shoes, Flat Shoes and so on. We wear shoes every day. Old Saying: Marriage relationship really like shoes, only yourself know if it is suitable or not” we can know how important to find one comfortable shoes. So when you chose shoes, do not only care about the appearance of shoes. Comfort is the most important for you. Or else uncomfortable shoes can cause to lose money and opportunity.

Wear proper shoes on different occasion: different shoes and cloth has different feng shui energy. so you shall wear proper shoes on different occasion. For example, if your join one very important meeting, you shall have formal leather shoes which can math with your formal cloth. If you are joining one party, you shall choose Casual shoes.

Shoelace: if your shoelace is damaged, you shall replace it as soon as possible. The new shoelace’s color shall be same with your shoes. You shall always tie shoelace properly. Do not put it into shoes or tied casually. Or else you will lose your money and opportunity.

Do not wear second hands shoes or old shoes. It is not good to wear old shoes which maybe you put it in box many years ago. You need fresh feng shui energy, so if you decide do not want to wear it, just throw it out. For the second hands shoes, because you do not know the history of the second hands shoes, so we recommend you do not wear second hands shoes. Of course it is ok if it is for children shoes.

Keep your shoes clean. It is very important to keep your shoes clean. The shoes can indicate your condition. Clean shoes also can bring confidence for you.

Put your shoes in rack or cabinet. We wear the shoes outside, so the shoes will bring some feng shui energy which out of home. In order to ensure the energy from out of home do not trouble home feng shui. it would be better to keep them in cabinet. (See more feng shui tips for cabinet)

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