What if the humidity in the bathroom is too heavy

Feng Shui believes that a clean and comfortable toilet can improve residential Feng Shui. However, bathrooms are often ” Excess Yin Qi, Mainly because the bathroom is wet, so when decorating the wall and ceiling, we should choose materials with good waterproof and mildew resistance. In addition, corrosion resistance is also very important. The floor tiles should be easy to clean and be more durable when they are made into natural stones. If the anti-skid pad is added, it not only improves the safety, but also is more conducive to ventilation and prevents the accumulation of dirty gas

in addition, pay attention to the cleaning of the toilet, regularly use disinfectant for sterilization and disinfection, ensure the dryness and ventilation of the toilet, and often turn on the exhaust fan

How do people who lack water and avoid water in the five elements decorate the bathroom? In the bathroom, hand washing basin, urinal, bathtub, shower, etc. are all water objects. These waters have different uses for people with different five element attributes

1. Water shortage in the five elements

for people who lack water in the five elements, try to use the water energy in the toilet to supplement transportation. The door of the bathroom can be changed into a full glass door, so that the water energy of the bathroom can penetrate through the glass door. The toilet in the toilet represents a tank of water, especially when the water tank cover is opened, its function is the same as raising a tank of fish. The bathtub represents a large tank of water. People who lack water should not only use the bathtub to take a bath, but also take a bath in it often

2. Avoid water in the five elements

people who avoid water in the five elements should try to reduce the water in the bathroom. The water tank of the toilet represents a tank of water stored at home, so the cover should be covered at any time. The bathtub also has the function of storing water, so it is not suitable for people who should avoid water. The water in the shower comes and goes straight, which is an ideal choice for people who avoid water

if the toilet leaks frequently, scarlet or green ceramic tiles should be used to decorate the wall and floor of the toilet, and four rich and noble bamboos should be planted with mud in the toilet. Often use a ventilator to remove the water vapor from the bathroom and keep the bathroom as dry as possible

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