Why can’t the bath water in the bathtub stay

Feng Shui believes that the bath water in the bathtub needs to be disposed of in time to reduce the water vapor in the bathroom. However, some families set up a bathtub, but still use the shower. Instead, they use the bathtub as a water storage tool and leave the bath water to flush the bathroom and mop. In fact, this is a taboo in Feng Shui

as a bathing appliance, the greatest effect of the bathtub is to wash away the dirty things on the body, so as to make a good change in mood. After taking a bath, people’s bad mood and physical fatigue melted into the water. If you don’t release the bath water in time, you’ll leave these adverse factors at home, which is a violation of the principle of no water in Feng Shui

therefore, do not store the bath water or the remaining water from washing clothes in the bathtub in order to save money. If it is really a pity to use up the water, it should be used up as soon as possible and can not be stored for a long time to avoid breeding bacteria and aquatic plants. It is best to store the water in a special bucket rather than in a frequently used bathtub

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