Can the store set up a porch

Many restaurants, teahouses, furniture stores and other shops can see some special designs by pushing the door or through the glass door. Some are decorated with some special items, and some are placed with two pots of real flowers. These belong to the porch. The porch is a gateway for attracting wealth. It can not only attract blessings and noble Qi, but also block some bad luck and evil Qi. When there is a porch, Qi becomes soft and slow, and evil Qi can turn into auspicious Qi

however, not all shops are suitable for setting porches. Some shops have narrow space and may touch the wall as soon as they open the door. Such shops are not suitable for setting porches. Second, it is appropriate to set up the entrance of the store with elegance and create an important financial barrier for the store. When selecting the material of the entrance, wood is the best. Secondly, stone and plastic products are also more suitable

the shape of the porch should be square, oval, round and semicircle. The square porch can attract money from all sides. The oval or semicircle can help turn evil spirits, and also attract peach blossom and popularity. The round porch can attract popularity and peach blossom

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