Precautions for Feng Shui decoration of new houses

You have to pay attention to Feng Shui matters in the decoration of the house, especially some Feng Shui stress and Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of the house. You must know clearly that after all, the decoration of the house determines Feng Shui and our bad luck

decoration Feng Shui of ceiling

in home, many people often ignore the decoration Feng Shui of ceiling, but in fact, the decoration Feng Shui of ceiling is very important, at least in home feng shui, it will play a very important role! In general, people rarely hang the ceiling. In fact, whether to decorate the ceiling or not can be arranged according to their preferences. However, if there is a protruding part of the beam in the home, and the beam is pressed against the top, then in this case, the ceiling must be installed. Because the protruding beam is a very unlucky pattern in Feng Shui. If there is a protruding beam at home, you have to install a ceiling to resolve one or two. After all, the ceiling can well resolve the prominent situation of the beam and the bad feng shui aura. In addition, attention should also be paid to the decoration height of the ceiling. If the height of the ceiling is too low, it will only form an oppressive Feng Shui aura, which will do more harm than good in terms of home feng shui, family fortune and health

decoration of the porch Feng Shui

in the home, the decoration of the porch should not ignore Feng Shui. The decoration of the porch plays a great role in home feng shui. If it is well decorated, the Feng Shui Aura will be vigorous. If it is not well decorated, it will damage the home feng shui Aura! Therefore, you must be careful about the decoration of the porch. The decoration of the porch has to consider the problem of light, because the lighting effect of the porch itself is not very good. If a screen is installed, it is easy to lead to dark light. In this way, the Feng Shui and financial luck of the home will be deeply affected! Therefore, while decorating the porch, you can design a lamp on the part of the porch. The lamp can light up the light of the porch and help the porch achieve a better Feng Shui aura

decoration of the restaurant Feng Shui

the decoration of the restaurant also needs us to pay attention to some matters. The restaurant is a place for family members to eat together. Good decoration can enhance the feelings of family members; If the decoration is wrong, it will only affect the relationship of the family and damage the wealth of the family! Feng Shui believes that the location and decoration of the restaurant should not face the door of the house, which is called ” Like whirling, don’t rush ” , If you arrange the location of the restaurant opposite to the gate, it will lead to the hedge between the restaurant and the gate, which will form a bad feng shui atmosphere. Under such a pattern, it is not conducive to the feelings of family members and affect the wealth of the family. It is not a wise move

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