What are the precautions for Feng Shui in building decoration

We all know the importance of Feng Shui. In our daily life, we often pay attention to relevant Feng Shui matters, just because ” One life, two fortunes and three Feng Shui ” , Feng Shui will be closely related to our fortune! Especially the feng shui of home and residence

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Feng Shui of bedroom door

many people know that the decoration of buildings needs to pay attention to Feng Shui, so do you know that in fact, there are a lot of matters to pay attention to in the decoration of bedroom door. According to the stress and knowledge of Feng Shui, the decoration orientation of bedroom door is very particular. Among them, bedroom door must not be opposite to toilet door, kitchen door and building door! First of all, when the bedroom door faces the toilet door, we will inevitably encounter the influence of toilet filth. In this way, the Feng Shui in the bedroom will be damaged, and our luck will be affected. Secondly, when the bedroom door is facing the kitchen door, the oil fume and fire in the kitchen are too strong, which will only lead to the excessive dryness and heat of the gas field in the bedroom, affect our daily sleep and lead to our irritability. Finally, when the bedroom door faces the building door, a pattern of gas field collision will be formed, which will inevitably lead to the instability of the gas field in the bedroom, which may affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, the decoration of bedroom door must pay attention to the above points

Feng Shui in the bathroom

Feng Shui in the bathroom is difficult to get people’s attention, because in people’s mind, the bathroom is an area that can’t see the light, and the bathroom is a space that can’t go on the table. Therefore, when decorating buildings, many people will directly ignore the decoration of the bathroom and pay less attention to the Feng Shui in the bathroom! In fact, we should pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom and the feng shui of the bathroom. Feng Shui believes that although the toilet is filthy, if you don’t pay attention to the decoration of the toilet, these filthy will become the culprit affecting home feng shui. In this regard, while decorating the bathroom, it is best to arrange a better ventilation and exhaust equipment for the bathroom, so that the foul air in the bathroom can dissipate as soon as possible without affecting the feng shui of the home; In addition, because the bathroom is a place with heavy filth, the bathroom can not be arranged in the northwest of the home, otherwise it will have a great impact on family transportation, male owners, wealth and career

Feng Shui of kitchens

in the decoration of the whole building, the decoration of kitchens should not be neglected. After all, the feng shui of the small kitchen can be related to the wealth and fortune of the home. Feng Shui believes that since the small kitchen is the Treasury of the whole home and the part related to the wealth and fortune of the home, it is best to arrange the kitchen in the southeast. In addition, the door of the kitchen should not face the door of the building. Otherwise, it will vent wealth and frustration and damage the wealth and fortune of the home

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