Pay attention to the color of Feng Shui in bedroom decoration

The bedroom belongs to our private space. Most of the decoration colors of the bedroom will follow up their personal preferences, but in fact, the color of the bedroom also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of Feng Shui color in bedroom decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

pay attention to the color of Feng Shui in bedroom decoration

what is the color of Feng Shui in bedroom decoration

bedroom color selection:

the wall of the bedroom should not use glass, metal, marble and other materials as much as possible, but use paint, which not only avoids the reflection of Qi when sleeping, but also is conducive to the breathing of the wall, and the color should be soft, which can make people feel calm and help to rest

according to the principle of five elements, the orientation and color of the bedroom correspond to the following:

East and southeast – green, blue

South – Lavender, yellow, black

West – pink, white and beige, gray

North – gray white, beige, pink and red

Northwest – gray, white, pink, yellow, brown, black

Northeast – light yellow, rust

Southwest – yellow Brown

main color of bedroom:

the color of bedroom is mainly composed of several large colors of wall, ground, ceiling, curtain and bedspread. In addition to the unified and coordinated colors of walls, floors and ceilings, special attention should be paid to the colors of curtains and bedspreads. When people decorate the room, they mostly consider the curtains and bedspreads when the colors of the wall, ground and ceiling have been fixed, which is easy to produce disharmony

on the premise of meeting the function, in addition to selecting the main tone, we should also pay attention to the primary, secondary and level of color, as well as the change and contrast of color. In case of color disharmony, you can use some neutral colors (such as black, white, gray, silver, etc.) to adjust (such as bedroom furniture, curtains, bedspread, etc.) or choose some furnishings (such as flowers, decorations, handicrafts, etc.) to fine tune

pay special attention to the physiological and emotional effects of color. In particular, we should mention the hypnotic effect of cyan. Generally speaking, cyan gives people a cold feeling. From the perspective of space, it is a distant crystalline color, and its effect is sedative

it stimulates people’s stability and is the source of color to restore their mind and body. In addition, cyan has the effect of absorbing oxygen to the human body. As a sedative of motor nerve, it can relax the human body, reduce nightmares and promote hypnosis. Older people generally feel lighter. It is also more beneficial to choose cyan in bedroom decoration, and the effect is also better

Feng Shui about the decoration color of the bedroom pays attention to

one of the Feng Shui colors of the bedroom: Pink

pink has always been loved by girls, such as pink clothes, pink headwear, pink bedroom and so on. But I don’t know the ferocious color of pink paint in the Feng Shui color of the bedroom, which is particularly easy to lead to contradictions or quarrels between family members for a little life trivia, resulting in a bad family atmosphere. Especially for the newly married couple, there may be a warm and romantic atmosphere at the beginning, but the long-term past has had a bad impact on the couple’s love life

bedroom Feng Shui color 2: Purple

although purple is romantic, in the bedroom Feng Shui color, if purple paint is selected in a large area of the home bedroom, long-term residence will have an impact on people’s visual sense and make people feel helpless to life and family

bedroom Feng Shui color 3: Red

Red has different representative meanings in different countries, and people’s living customs are different according to different regions. For example, red is lively and auspicious in China, but red is used in funerals in Korea. If the bedroom uses Chinese red in a large area, it gives people a sense of massiness visually, and red gives people a sense of excitement and excitement, and the bedroom is a place for people to rest, so it is not suitable to use red in the bedroom

bedroom Feng Shui color 4: white

in fact, when decorating the home bedroom, the bedroom style should be consistent with the overall style of the bedroom. In addition, we should learn the appropriate matching of some bedroom Feng Shui colors to create a good feng shui and comfortable home bedroom

Feng Shui about the decoration color of the bedroom pays attention to

the color is determined by the life divination calculated from the year of birth and the five elements of God found out by the four pillars

fortune tellers like white, golden yellow, red and black

fortune tellers prefer white, silver or light colors

Gen fortune tellers like yellow and earthy yellow

fortune tellers like red, purple and red

Xun fortune tellers like log color, green, water blue, white and light gray

fortune tellers like pink, light purple, dark blue and turquoise

Kun fortune tellers like yellow, earthy yellow and coffee

fortune tellers like blue, light green and black

Feng Shui believes that the five elements have their own unique representatives. The brief list is as follows:

Wood ” mdash” mdash; Cyan

Soil ” mdash” mdash; Yellow

water ” mdash” mdash;

“lt; Black ” mdash” mdash; Red envelope

Gold ” mdash” mdash; White

if you want to make yourself prosperous, you should choose ” This life ” ; For example, the five elements belong to ” Wood ” ; Hi ” Wood ” ; For people, the bedroom should be mainly cyan (light green), because cyan is ” Wood ” ; True colors

also like the five elements ” Fire ” ; Hi ” Fire ” ; For people, the bedroom should be dominated by red (pink), because red is ” Fire ” ; The rest ” Soil” Gold ” ” Water ” ; And so on. With this understanding, you can correctly choose the color suitable for your five elements

the use of color should be people-oriented, combined with the overall style, coordinated with the color of furniture, pleasing to the eye, comfortable and integrated

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