Bedroom decoration should pay attention to what Feng Shui

The bedroom is the place where we rest and sleep, and the bedroom is also the place where we spend the longest time in a day. The feng shui of the bedroom naturally has an extremely important impact on our luck. Therefore, we must pay attention to the feng shui of the bedroom when decorating the bedroom; So in Feng Shui, what Feng Shui should we pay attention to in bedroom decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in bedroom decoration

What Feng Shui common sense should be paid attention to in bedroom decoration

1. Light color tone

the light color system is used in the bedroom, and then a pair of hanging pictures is used as the background wall of the bedroom. There is a blank around, which is probably the same size as the width of the bed, which can add vitality to the originally not spacious space

lavender is the best choice for bedroom decoration. It can not only protect eyes, but also help sleep and make people fall asleep easily. In addition, you can also choose pink, which will increase the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom and help enhance the feelings of couples

for children’s bedroom, you can choose light green, light blue or lily white, which will give people a fresh and bright feeling and help cultivate children’s lively and cheerful character

2. Ideal ventilation

the rooms in the South or Southeast have ideal sunshine and ventilation, and are warm in winter and cool in summer. As a bedroom, it is more comfortable. The kitchen is the center of indoor self pollution. It not only emits smoke and gas, but also emits carcinogens. Therefore, the kitchen must be far away from the bedroom

3. The shape is square

the shape of the bedroom is here because of the square Master ” Static ” , Meet the requirements of the bedroom master, and the round Master ” Move ” , Does not meet the requirements of the bedroom master quiet. Therefore, the bedroom should not be made into a circle, and the doors and windows should not be made into a circle; Furniture, bonsai, decorations and even mirrors should also be non-circular as far as possible

4. Day and night

the bedroom should be bright during the day with good daylighting effect; There should be no outside light intrusion at night, making it easy to fall asleep. From this, we can see that there are two necessities in the bedroom: windows and curtains. In addition to daylighting, windows are also for air circulation; The curtain can be used to block the light, both of which are indispensable

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in the decoration of husband and wife’s bedroom

I. flowers and plants should not be placed in the bedroom

aquatic plants, fish tanks, etc. It’s best not to put them in the bedroom. If they are placed in the bedroom, it’s easy to extinguish the couple’s love, it’s better to be careful

Second, the mirror can’t face the head of the bed

I believe many friends have heard this statement, but I don’t know the reason. In fact, when the mirror is facing the head of our bed, we are always easy to dream, and women are easy to have dizziness, headache or even panic. We should avoid this kind of decoration. If the mirror has to be placed like this because of space, cover it with a cloth after using up the mirror

III. red bedding is not commonly used

clearly red represents auspiciousness and festivity. Why not use it often? The frequent use of red pillows, quilts, sheets, etc. is very unfavorable to the relationship between husband and wife. It is easy to quarrel, which makes it difficult for the relationship to be harmonious, or even leads to the breakdown of the relationship, so we must pay special attention to avoid it

IV. do not place the decoration in odd numbers

we often say that good things come in pairs, which is not unreasonable. When arranging the wedding room, it is best to put all the items used in the decoration in even numbers instead of singular numbers. Singular number is easy to cause feelings to appear multi angle relationship and become complex

v. too many electrical appliances are forbidden in the bedroom

it’s best not to put too many electrical appliances in the bedroom. Too many electrical appliances in the bedroom will not only affect health, but also lead to quarrels. For the sake of two people’s sweetness and happiness, we should pay attention. Moreover, modern medical theory points out that electrical radiation does harm human health

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in bedroom decoration

the door cannot face the bathroom

the bathroom is a place for human excretion, which is easy to produce foul gas and moisture. Therefore, facing the door will affect the air of the bedroom and be harmful to human health

the door cannot reflect the mirror

the mirror can reflect the evil spirit back in Feng Shui, so it can stop the evil spirit. But the mirror facing the door will shine the evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, which brings bad luck

the bedroom should be bright during the day and dark at night

the bedroom should be equipped with windows. In addition to the circulation of air, it can be illuminated during the day to make people feel refreshed. At night, the windows should be equipped with curtains to block the outdoor night light and make people easy to sleep

the mirror should not be aligned with the floor door and window on the bed

the mirror is used to block the brake, and its function is to reflect the brake gas back, so it is not allowed to align with the bed. Especially when people wake up from sleep, they are easily frightened by themselves reflected in the mirror or French windows when their consciousness is not very clear

the door cannot face the door

the bedroom is a resting place and needs to be quiet and secret. The door is a necessary place for family and friends to enter and leave, so the door to door does not meet the conditions of quiet bedroom. The door is directly against the door of the house, which is easy to affect health and wealth

the door should not be directly facing or adjacent to the kitchen

the kitchen fire frying and discharging oil smoke, which is easy to affect the door, endanger human health and make the work performance unstable. The kitchen is the place where the fire is made, which is very dry and hot, so it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bed close to the wall of the stove

the shape of the bedroom should not be beveled or convex.

the shape of the bedroom should be square, not beveled or polygonal. The oblique edge is easy to cause the illusion of vision, and the multi angle is easy to cause oppression, which increases people’s mental burden. In the long run, it is easy to suffer from diseases and accidents

the pipelines of modern buildings are constructed as a whole, so the bathrooms of the whole building are located in the same place

if you change the bathroom into a bedroom, you will inevitably sleep in the bathroom on the upper and lower floors. The bathroom is originally wet and unclean, which will inevitably affect the environmental sanitation. In addition, when the upstairs toilet and water pipe are started, it will definitely affect your peace, so it will harm people’s physical and mental health

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