How to match the best color in the kitchen

The decorative color of the kitchen should be determined according to the specific situation of the kitchen, and should also comply with certain Feng Shui principles. If the kitchen is narrow, light and bright colors should be adopted to make the kitchen appear spacious; If the kitchen is more spacious, you can use slightly thick colors to make the kitchen more compact. In the room with sufficient daylighting, cool colors can be used for decoration, which will appropriately reduce the fire in the kitchen; The kitchen with bad daylighting can use warm colors, which will make the atmosphere of the kitchen space warm, cordial, lively and enthusiastic

secondly, in the upper part of the kitchen, the ceiling and dado can adopt brighter colors, while the lower part of the kitchen and the floor can adopt heavier colors, in line with ” Upper clear and lower turbid ” ; Feng Shui principles

furthermore, the color of the kitchen can also be selected according to different directions. The kitchen facing north belongs to water, which makes the kitchen relatively cold in Feng Shui. The kitchen in the southeast of warm color can be used. Because it belongs to fire and has the same attribute as the kitchen belongs to fire, the color of the kitchen should not add fire to the fire, but should adopt cold color

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