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If the computers of ordinary office workers are still used during working hours, for otaku men and women, computers are their lifeline, and computers have become an indispensable part of their lives. Think about the impact of computers. Not only the computer radiation may have an impact on people’s health, but also the placement and direction of the computer will also have an effect on Feng Shui, which will have an impact on people’s fortune. If you are a computer family, you must understand the following feng shui knowledge

I. harmful substances emitted by computers

the chemicals coated on the shell of computer display contain organic phosphate, a refractory widely used in electronic equipment. As soon as the display is heated during operation, it will cause the organic phosphate to release triphenyl phosphate gas. The amount of triphenyl phosphate absorbed by people in front of the computer is much higher than the normal intake in daily life

feng shui master’s advice: before the new monitor is put into use, it’s best to ” Preheating ” ; About a week, volatilize most of the harmful substances. In addition, good ventilation should be maintained so that indoor air can be exchanged in time

II. damage of computers to vision

computers have a great impact on people’s vision. The main factors that damage vision are the rays in the display screen. These rays can make people’s eyebrows and eyelashes fall off, eye edema and pain, and even the pathological changes of inner nervous channels in the eyeball, causing bleeding and cataract in the eyeball. Especially ultraviolet rays, which can damage people’s cornea. Cornea is the most dense place of human nerves. Once it is damaged by ultraviolet rays, it will feel severe pain in both eyes and make people fidgety

feng shui master’s move: take a proper rest and look out of the window. It’s best to see more green. Of course, you can also do eye exercises

III. computers reduce memory

because people rely too much on computers, they weaken their brain function. Long term use of computers can cause memory loss. The efficient use of computers leads to the lower and lower utilization rate of human brain. People rely too much on computers, but they lose the ability to learn and remember new things

feng shui master’s move: reduce the use time of the computer, remember more things, and strengthen the flexibility of the brain. You can put crystal supplies on your desk, which will help your inspiration and memory

IV. computers make people lose control of their emotions

because of their work, they have contacted many people in Internet companies and computer companies. They find that the people working here have lost control of their emotions, poor communication skills and numbness, which is very different from those engaged in marketing planning. Most of them are impatient, depressed, anxious, irritable, angry, unable to communicate, easy to lose self-confidence, and often nervous and irritable. Coupled with the pressure of work, mental health problems arise

feng shui master’s advice: reduce stress, take more activities, go to places with many people, or visit famous mountains and rivers and swim more. You can also put a small fish tank on your desk

v. computer network syndrome

if you spend a lot of time and energy chatting and browsing the web on the Internet for a long time, you are prone to behavioral abnormalities, psychological disorders, personality disorders and partial disorders of sympathetic nerve function, and the severe cases develop into network syndrome. Typical manifestations of the disease include depression, lack of pleasure, loss of interest, sleep disorder, biological clock disorder, diet loss, weight loss, lack of energy, psychomotor retardation, reduced self-evaluation, Enwei retardation, and even suicidal ideation and behavior

feng shui master’s move: using a computer is a continuous static state. Yin Yang theory stresses the combination of dynamic and static, so it has vitality. People are also the same. If they are too addicted to computer networks, things will turn upside down when they reach the extreme and are easy to get sick. They should carry out more activities, such as walking, running, dancing, singing and so on

it’s ideal to put the computer on the left. According to Feng Shui, the left side is the auspicious side, and the computer is the most appropriate. Don’t put too many sundries around the computer. There are too many sundries around the computer, which is easy to distract people and produce distractions, so they can’t concentrate on their work

if the place where the computer is placed is easily exposed to direct sunlight, it is most likely to provoke right and wrong, and there is a dispute of words; However, if placed in a dark place, it is also easy to be depressed and affect the working state. It’s best to place it in an airy place, which can not only reduce the radiation of the computer, but also won’t have too much impact on the homeowner; If placed in an airless place, you will react slowly and have unclear ideas

in addition, the display should preferably match the space. If the room is too small but uses a larger monitor, it is easy to alienate relatives and friends and have bad relations with colleagues; On the contrary, if the room is large but uses a small display, it is easy to be ignored. Therefore, the larger the display is, the better, but it is appropriate to match the space

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