What should be avoided in balcony Feng Shui

Balcony is the closest place to nature in the house. It can absorb the sunshine, air and wind and rain outside the house. It is an important channel for home gas. Because the balcony is mostly open or separated by glass doors, it is very easy to be affected by the adverse external environment and noise. Especially if there is evil spirit outside the house that needs to be resolved, the balcony is often the first line of defense, and its importance can be imagined. Therefore, for the feng shui of the whole house, the balcony plays a very important role and must follow a certain ” Feng Shui rule ” ;. However, what should we pay more attention to? Now let’s take a look at the following three and six taboos

three suggestions for balcony Feng Shui :

first, the best orientation of the balcony is towards the east or South

relative to the importance of the balcony, the orientation of the balcony can not be ignored

the reason why some balconies are comfortable and comfortable is that they are full of vitality and vitality because of their good orientation, wide field of vision and good daylighting and ventilation

generally speaking, the orientation of the balcony is better towards the east or south. The balcony faces east, as the old saying goes ” Purple comes from the East;. The so-called ” Purple Gas ” ; It’s auspicious. Auspicious Qi enters the house through the balcony, and the Lord’s family is auspicious and safe. And the sunrise in the East, the sun can shine into the balcony early in the morning, the whole house looks bright and warm, and the family is energetic

as for the balcony facing south, there is a saying ” The wind comes from the south” Fumigation ” ; Warm and pleasant, intoxicating, and excellent in Feng Shui. Nowadays, houses with balconies facing Southeast are generally more expensive. It can be seen that everyone knows that balconies facing south or East are great ” Feng Shui ” ; Unit

if the balcony faces to the north, the biggest disadvantage is that the cold wind in winter will affect people’s mood. In addition, if the warm keeping equipment is insufficient, it is very easy to make people sick

it is even more inappropriate for the balcony to face the West. It is exposed to the sun every day, and the heat still does not dissipate at night, which will affect the health of the whole family

of course, the orientation of balcony Feng Shui is not only related to the external orientation, but also related to the orientation of balcony in the house

II. The balcony should be arranged fresh

the balcony is a space for communicating with nature. It should be kept clean and tidy and no sundries should be stacked

some decorative beautification can be done on the side wall and ground of the balcony, such as installing some charming decorations on the side wall; Or do some waterscape decoration is also very fresh and pleasant; Plant flowers and plants on the balcony to create a small garden space and add natural scenery to the home

if it is a living balcony close to the kitchen, you can also use one corner of the balcony to build a locker to store some vegetable food or infrequently used items. A small amount of folding furniture can also be placed on the balcony for rest and catering

III. It is appropriate to place plants with the function of geomantic omen on the balcony:

plants suitable for placing on the balcony and with the function of geomantic omen are roughly the following:


with thick stems, thick leaves, green color and strong vitality. The big leaves of evergreen leaves stretch out like thick palms, which accept Qi and blessing outward, and have a strong and prosperous effect on home feng shui. Therefore, the bigger the evergreen leaves are, the better, and they should be kept green

money tree

its scientific name is Yanzi. Its leaves are round, thick and plump, easy to grow and vigorous. It absorbs external gold and gas and is extremely beneficial to the wealth of the family

iron tree

also known as dragon blood tree, Brazil iron tree is the most popular on the market. The leaves of the iron tree are long and narrow, and there is a yellow spot in the center. The iron tree means to be strong and replenish the Qi and blood of the house. It is one of the important flourishing plants

brown bamboo

its stem is thick and its leaves are narrow and long. It is named because its trunk is like palm and its leaves are like bamboo. Brown bamboo is planted on the balcony to ensure the safety of the house

fortune tree

also known as peanut tree, it is characterized by thick stem, long pointed and pale green leaves, seed resistance, easy growth and vitality

cash cow

its leaves are tall and dark green. It is a shade plant with a very rich atmosphere

generally speaking, the balcony plants that have the function of prosperity in Feng Shui are tall and strong, and the thicker and larger the leaves, the more green the better. For example, the evergreen, money tree, Brazilian iron tree, brown bamboo and fortune tree mentioned above are very typical examples

six taboos of Feng Shui on balcony :

I The balcony should not be directly facing the street. If you look out from the balcony and see the street rushing in front, it is very inappropriate to look like a fierce tiger rushing in front of you. More importantly, the fast-moving vehicles and noise on the straight road will continue to impact the residents through the balcony, disrupt the peaceful life magnetic field, and have an impact on the quiet atmosphere of the residents, which is very detrimental to the health of the residents

II The balcony should not face the sharp corner. In the traditional Chinese concept, Su likes harmony, and is particularly sensitive to sharp corners, which should be avoided as much as possible. If there is a sharp angle in front of the balcony, we must try to resolve it. Most of the common sharp corners are the sharp corners of adjacent buildings. The sharper and closer these sharp corners are, the less conducive to house transportation

III The balcony should not face sawtooth buildings. At present, some European style houses are equipped with large bay windows in order to increase the indoor space and daylighting, so the outer wall is easy to form a sharp phase and looks like a row of sharp serrations

IV The balcony should not face the reverse bow road. The city streets are curved and straight. If you look out of the balcony and see the street in front of the house curved and the corner straight towards the balcony, this is ” ; Street anti Bow ” ; The pattern of. It can be used as a flower rack, full of climbing plants or rotating potted plants to isolate the inside and outside

v The balcony should not face the door. If the balcony is facing the door, the curtain can be pulled up for a long time as a barrier. You can also make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and the balcony, or place fish tanks, potted plants and vine climbing plants at the entrance of the gate

VI The balcony should not face the kitchen. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony shall be pulled as far as possible, or the door shall be installed on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it shall not affect the actions of the residents, and the cabinet or screen shall be used as a cover. In short, the balcony shall not be directly connected to the kitchen

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