Is there anything particular about putting peony pictures in the bedroom

The bedroom is a relatively private place and is used for rest. The feng shui master in the bedroom has a great connection with his fortune. The hanging picture in the bedroom can play a certain Feng Shui role. Choose some rich and auspicious calligraphy and paintings to hang pictures in the bedroom. Therefore, if you want to hang a painting in the bedroom, you must choose an auspicious one. Hanging a peony painting is the most appropriate. The peony flower is known as the national color and natural fragrance. It is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. The color is bright and elegant. Hanging a peony painting in the bedroom is a good choice

the bedroom is a rest room at ordinary times, so it gives people a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Hanging a good-looking calligraphy and painting in the bedroom can show the owner’s taste, especially the traditional Chinese painting Peony painting, which is pleasing to the eye in appearance. It is a very warm and beautiful calligraphy and painting

in Chinese traditional culture ” Auspicious ” quote, It can be said that it is a well-known and favorite word. It often symbolizes people’s good prayer, beautiful vision and kind blessing, and brings hope and happiness to people. Auspicious pattern is a symbol of people’s expectation for the future and beautiful. It reflects the essence of perfect decoration from one aspect

auspicious events, auspicious words and mascots are full of every space of Chinese culture, and also condense the ethical emotion, life consciousness, aesthetic taste and religious feelings of the Chinese people. Auspicious culture is an indispensable part of the extensive and profound traditional culture. This is the fundamental reason and cultural origin why Chinese people are keen to hang auspicious paintings at home

in the color of the hanging picture in the bedroom, it is suitable to choose some bright calligraphy and painting, which can bring people a good mood of good luck and good luck. Choosing a traditional Chinese painting peony with warm picture symbolizes wealth and good luck, and bright colors can give people a good mood of joy and comfort

throughout the ages, people like peony not only because of its colorful colors and elegant temperament, but also because it is a traditional Chinese auspicious painting integrating beauty, implication and Feng Shui

1. Peony ” Crowning all the fragrance ” ” Ten thousand flowers ” ” National beauty and natural fragrance, True ” King of flowers, The status is incomparably noble! Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi’s sentence ” Only peonies are national in color, and they move the capital in the season of flowers, Praise the position of peony in the eyes of Chinese people to the extreme

The meaning of peony is “given by peony since ancient times”; Wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity and happiness ” ; Zhou Dunyi, a poet in the Song Dynasty, once said ” Peony is a flower of wealth” ; If there are other auspicious patterns matched with it, the implication will be richer. In the following works, teacher Shi Kai added a pair of pigeons to perch under the peony flowers, which will have the blessings of wealth, peace, peace and auspiciousness

3. In geomantic omen, the peony is in full bloom, which is better than the Buddha’s hand to attract wealth. Its elegant posture will surely bring the family the good luck of staying forever and attracting wealth to ward off evil spirits. It will enjoy endless glory and wealth in its life. In addition, peony painting is full of positive energy, which can attract distinguished people and beneficial friends to come to the door to help, so as to make your future a splendid one

popular science tips: what are the highlights of bedroom decoration calligraphy and painting

1. For different types of decorative paintings, more suitable positions should be selected in the bedroom: for example, the paintings with large size and long longitudinal length are not suitable to be hung in the position where large furniture needs to be placed in the future, and the heavy decorative mirror frame should preferably avoid the wall at the head of the bed. Therefore, choosing a suitable location for decorative paintings can not only better show the beauty of paintings, but also make it easier to place furniture in the bedroom

2. Try not to choose black and white in rooms with poor light, which will make the space appear darker. On the contrary, if the light in the room is too bright, it is not suitable to choose warm colors and bright decorative paintings, which will make the vision unfocused or dazzling

3. Note that the color of decorative painting should be coordinated with the whole. The color and the whole color should either complement each other or integrate with each other, so as not to make people feel abrupt. The decorative painting height of the bedroom is generally 50cm ” mdash; 80cm, the length depends on the length of the wall or the main furniture, and should not be less than 2 / 3 of the length of the bed

4. It is best to choose decorative paintings of the same style in the bedroom, or occasionally use one or two decorative paintings with different styles for decoration, but not too much and too messy. In addition, if the decorative painting is particularly conspicuous, with obvious style and strong visual impact, you’d better match the furniture and cushion according to its style

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