Will you hang a picture of the rooster in the living room

Modern people pay attention to the quality of life and pay attention to the aesthetic display of home style. Therefore, the decoration now complies with ” Light decoration, heavy decoration ” ; Decorative painting is a very popular soft decoration artifact. A good decorative painting is hung at home to add beauty and create a more perfect home. The rooster picture is of great significance in traditional Chinese painting, so many people hang it at home for decoration. The rooster is alert, vigorous, sincere and serene, integrates auspiciousness and auspiciousness. Is the rooster picture suitable for hanging at home? There is no doubt that hanging a rooster picture in home decoration is quite auspicious. So, how about hanging a picture of a rooster in the living room

in China’s traditional culture, the rooster has five virtues: red crown on the head and Wen; Step on the bucket distance, martial arts also; See the enemy can fight, brave also; If you find food, you can call other companions to eat, benevolence also; Keep your word and report on time. The cock is good at fighting, and his eyes can ward off evil spirits, so the cock is a mascot to ward off evil spirits. It is generally suitable for hanging in the living room, dining room, porch and other places at home

since ancient times, people like their own life and place their hopes on some animals. Among them, chicken is homonymous with auspicious, which means auspiciousness. The auspicious meaning of chicken goes back to ancient times. In Chinese traditional culture, both dragon and Phoenix are deified animals, while chicken is a kind of spiritual bird with extraordinary life experience. The image of Phoenix comes from chicken. Moreover, the rooster has implied beauty since ancient times, representing the arrival of light, and because the rooster has the same homonym ” Ji ” , Therefore, it also means good luck and good luck, and there is a cloud in Ancient Poetry ” The rooster crowed that the world was white, Therefore, a picture of a rooster is placed indoors, implying the Feng Shui meaning of turning evil into good, driving away evil and accepting good fortune

the cock has a red crown on his head, ” Crown ” ; And ” Official ” ; Homophonic, there is ” Crown (official) plus crown (official) ” ; Therefore, a rooster picture can also be used as a gift to leaders and friends in politics and business, or hung in the office, implying successful career, bright career, rising step by step, promotion and wealth, etc

the choice of hanging pictures at home is not as untouchable and complex as thought at home. I think as long as it is calligraphy and painting with good meaning, matching with the layout of the home, plus the works we like, it’s OK to hang cock pictures at home. After all, the cock picture of traditional Chinese painting implies good luck and is one of the rare home decoration paintings

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