Taboo of door and window layout

For a house, there must be a door and a window in order to let the air circulate and play a ” Seek each other with the same spirit ” ; But there are also some concerns about the layout of doors and windows

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(1) doors and windows cannot be directly aligned. If they are directly aligned, the gas field will go straight out for eight, which will not have the effect of convection. In addition, it is easy to dissipate house gas and damage house transportation

(2) avoid direct access to doors, doors and windows, which is called ” Door stop ” , The Lord returns his wealth and should not live for a long time

(3) the window should not be opened too large. If it is too large, the air flow is strong and it is easy to disperse air; It should not be too small. If it is too small, the convection is insufficient and the air is dirty

(4) the windows are more likely to be exposed to sunlight, which is harmful to health, especially the windows that are exposed to sunlight

(5) do not open the window at a right angle at the corner of the wall, because the direction is impure, which is easy to make the gas field messy, and the larger the window is, the more fierce it is

(6) do not climb plants on the window. On the premise of ensuring anti-theft safety, it is best not to set an anti-theft net outside the window

(7) do not stack sundries on the windowsill

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