What are the effects of kitchen water leakage on Feng Shui

I believe that many families have experienced the phenomenon of water leakage in life, especially in the kitchen. However, many people don’t pay attention to it. They think it’s just a small matter of water leakage and don’t have to worry too much. However, in fact, the kitchen is the Treasury in the home, which is naturally related to the fate of the home. If the kitchen often leaks, it is undoubtedly the embodiment of money leakage. Of course, we need to pay attention to the feng shui of water leakage in the kitchen, In addition, what are the effects of kitchen water leakage on Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

in Feng Shui, water is the symbol of wealth. Water leakage at home is equal to money leakage. Water leakage in the kitchen or bathroom makes you lose money endlessly. You should find someone to repair it as soon as possible, which will be beneficial to the wealth of your family

in family life, the kitchen is very important as a place for food and wealth, but some families often have the phenomenon of water pipe leakage. Water is a symbol of wealth. The water pipe in the kitchen does not leak. First, it is a waste of resources, and second, it is suspected of losing money and bad luck in Feng Shui. Therefore, once it is found that its own water pipe is damaged, it should not be taken lightly and should be repaired as soon as possible

mountain warden Ding Shui is the master of wealth. If the kitchen leaks, it is easy to leak wealth! In this way, Feng Shui at home has committed the formula of discharging words. As a result, the money in the family flows out quickly like water. The stove represents the housewife’s body. It turns on the stove every day to cook rice and soup, which represents the housewife’s absorption of strong fire. If a housewife wants a fire, cooking every day is good for her wife. On the contrary, housewives should not cook frequently in principle. Solution: add a basin of water next to the stove to reduce the impact of fire

both water supply and drainage are very important in the kitchen and toilet. Their functions represent going in and out and dredging, as well as going in and out of family wealth. They also symbolize the health state of a human body, such as smooth drainage and activating collaterals

but the water system is not smooth, which means that the channels and collaterals of the body are blocked and the blood vessels are not circulating. Therefore, the water supply and drainage of a kitchen and toilet should keep the switch closed and retracted freely, which is convenient and unblocked during use; Home transportation finance will prosper day by day, make great progress day by day, follow the cause, and be harmonious with people and houses

everyone doesn’t care much about the Feng Shui leaking from the faucet. Sometimes they just screw the faucet to the tightest, and then put away the water drop by drop in a container. I thought it would not be wasted and there was no need to find someone to repair it. But doing so may mean that there will be problems in the urinary or excretion of the family, so try to repair it when a water leak is found. In addition, you can’t do this when the faucet drips in the bathroom or kitchen

however, the kitchen is leaking, and the upstairs residents have poor drainage and sewage seepage, which is very bad, which indicates that there will be problems with the health of the family and the loss of luck of noble people. Ask the residents upstairs to carry out waterproof treatment as soon as possible, and use the repair and leakage treasure on the market for maintenance. This product is economical and applicable, has good effect and fast speed, and can be dissolved by burning moxa fumigation

therefore, you can’t underestimate the leakage of Feng Shui in the bathroom at home. It’s not just these. When placing the toilet, faucet or bathtub, you should also consider the stress of Feng Shui. For example, the toilet can’t face the door of the bathroom. The bathtub had better be placed in the fierce position in the bathroom, and use the running water to dissolve the evil spirit. However, it should be noted that the dirty water in the bathtub cannot be stored, and it should be released in time after taking a bath. Although the mirror can visually increase the space of the bathroom, it can not be placed directly facing the bathtub and toilet. In this way, we can have a good fortune and prosperous home

water is wealth. I believe everyone knows this truth, so leakage of wealth is leakage of wealth, so we must pay attention to the leakage of kitchen water. If we don’t pay attention to the leakage for a long time, it will inevitably lead to bad fortune at home and affect our fortune and Feng Shui. Have you had a deeper understanding after reading the above articles

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