Which side is the balcony facing

Balcony is the most open place in a house, which is closest to the outside world. The balcony is the place where the whole house receives gas. For the feng shui of the whole house, the balcony plays a very important role, so we must strictly follow a certain ” Feng Shui rule ”

because most balconies are open, and there is only one glass door between the interior and the balcony, it will be affected by the external adverse environment and noise to a great extent, so we must pay attention to it

the orientation of balcony is also a problem that can not be ignored. The reason why some balconies can make people feel comfortable and comfortable is that they are in a good position, wide vision and good lighting and ventilation effect. Therefore, they are full of vitality and vitality everywhere, which makes people feel comfortable in harmony between man and nature. Generally speaking, the orientation of the balcony is usually towards the east or the south

first, facing the East

if the balcony faces the East, the ancients had a good saying, called ” Purple comes from the East;. The so-called ” Purple Gas ” ; It means auspicious gas. Auspicious Qi enters the house directly through the balcony, and the family will be lucky and safe. The sun also rises in the East. The early morning sun shines into the balcony for the first time. The whole house is suddenly full of light and warmth, and the whole family will look refreshed because of the sunshine

II. facing south

if the balcony faces south, Youdao is ” The smoke comes from the south;. The warm south wind makes people feel warm, pleasant and intoxicating, which is also excellent in Feng Shui. In modern life, houses with balconies facing east and South are generally more expensive than those in other directions. It can be seen that everyone knows that balconies facing south or East are a great ” Feng Shui ” ; Unit

III. facing the North

if the balcony faces the north, the biggest disadvantage of this house is that the cold wind in winter is easy to enter the room, which will directly affect people’s mood. If the heat preservation equipment in the house is insufficient, it is easier to make people sick

IV. facing the West

if the balcony faces the west, it is even more inappropriate. It will be exposed to the slanting sun every day. Especially in summer, the indoor heat still cannot be completely dissipated at night, and the health of the family will be adversely affected

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