Feng Shui instructions for toilet and kitchen in the house

Feng Shui in toilets and kitchens has always been a headache, because Feng Shui in kitchens and toilets is prone to problems at home. After all, kitchens and toilets are mutually exclusive, and the location of kitchens and toilets also needs to pay attention to a lot of matters. If you don’t pay attention to the taboos or Taboos between them, it will inevitably affect the Feng Shui at home and the health of the family, So what are the Feng Shui instructions for toilets and kitchens in the house? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet is not suitable for houses adjacent to water and fire, such as kitchen and toilet. Otherwise, it may affect your health. If you have lived in this kind of house and it is difficult to change the structure, such as the stove is facing the bathroom, you must remember that the bathroom door should be always closed. Because the kitchen is the place where a family cooks food, while the bathroom is the place where they usually urinate and defecate. If the kitchen is close to the bathroom, there will be problems in hygiene. The foul gas in the bathroom is often difficult to remove, and it is easy to breed bacteria and dirt. In this way, more and more bacteria will appear in the kitchen, which will not only pollute food, but also damage human health

the first line of water and fire is a big taboo in Feng Shui. If the kitchen stove and sink in the kitchen share a wall with the toilet in the bathroom, it is bound to bring health problems and have an adverse impact on the career Feng Shui and wealth Feng Shui of the whole home. Therefore, if this is the case, the pipeline should be changed before decoration

in order to save space and facilitate design, some houses will seal the toilet door adjacent to the kitchen, and open a door in the kitchen as a way to the toilet, which will become going through the kitchen before entering the toilet

the kitchen and bathroom must not be relative. If the two doors are opposed, it will form a situation of water and fire war, which is the biggest taboo in home feng shui. Generally speaking, water and fire are in the South and north respectively in the acquired gossip, which is also the acquired expression of yin and Yang. Therefore, they represent the male master and the female master respectively in the family. If the two are opposite, it is easy to cause the contradiction between the male and female Masters, which will seriously affect the breakdown of the relationship between the home and the court. Therefore, we must avoid this house type when buying a house or decoration

There are many toilets, but they are not common in real life. For example, nowadays, most houses in the city are unit buildings, and the house pattern of the upper and lower floors is the same, with toilets, bedrooms and so on concentrated together. However, for convenience and other reasons, some people change the internal pattern of the house at will, and even change the location of the original toilet to the kitchen, which leads to the bathroom above their own kitchen

above the kitchen is the Feng Shui pattern of the bathroom, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui. As far as the city is concerned, if your upstairs is someone else’s bathroom, then the downstairs will certainly be a bathroom. Your kitchen is equivalent to being sandwiched between two bathrooms. The kitchen is the place to provide us with food, while the bathroom is the dirtiest place in the whole house. The kitchen will be affected by the filth of the bathroom, and the health of the family will also be greatly threatened

door to door is a bad design method in itself, because the air flow is connected, it is easy to cause ventilation and affect the feng shui of the home. If the kitchen is opposite to the bathroom door, the evil spirit of the bathroom will flow to the kitchen, which will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen and the mood of the cook. Facing the problem that the kitchen and bathroom are next to Feng Shui, we should set curtains to block the connection of air flow, and close the door at ordinary times. There is also the need to work harder on air purification in the bathroom

the kitchen door is opposite to the door, and it is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, the inexplicable cost of money at home will be very serious. Kitchen door to toilet door will cause digestive system and financial damage

in fact, the feng shui of kitchen and toilet is very important, but people pay little attention to it in life, but in fact, how the feng shui of kitchen and toilet has a great impact on us, so we should pay attention to these in life

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