What’s particular about putting stones in your home

Since ancient times, many people have been fond of stones with strange shapes and put them at home for easy appreciation and research from time to time. However, Feng Shui believes that stones are feminine objects, which are unfavorable to Feng Shui at home

similarly, crystal is not suitable to be placed at home, but if there is enough Yang in the place, it can play a good role in Feng Shui. So if you really want to put crystal ornaments, you should put them in a place where you can often get the sun, or add spotlights for them to drive away the Yin Qi of stones with Yang Qi

how to use the electric fan to improve Feng Shui? Because when the electric fan is turned on, it will blow a gust of wind and form airflow, which will affect the feng shui of home. When ancient people talked about feng shui, they talked about the role of water in balancing energy and the influence of the function of wind flow dynamic Qi field on people. If the indoor window or orientation is unfavorable to the airflow, the electric fan can be used to strengthen the convection of the air and guide the natural wind in. This is not only beneficial to Feng Shui, but also can improve the problems of respiratory organs

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