Feng Shui placement of trash can

In the same way as the Feng Shui setting in the toilet, the trash can is also the concentration of filth, and it is not suitable to be placed in an auspicious position. Among the 24 directions, Chen, Xu, Chou and Wei are suitable for placing garbage cans. If there are trash cans in each room, pay attention to their location in each room. If they cannot be placed in the appropriate location, at least the trash cans collecting the main garbage at home should be located in the appropriate four locations

if the garbage can in the house is poorly managed, it may cause the odor in the garbage can to disperse and destroy the air quality of the whole house. It may also attract mosquitoes, which is harmful to the health of the family and Feng Shui, so it is best to use a dustbin with a lid. However, it is better to dispose of the garbage in the house at any time, so it is better to choose a smaller garbage can in the house to facilitate cleaning at any time. Garbage cans should also be cleaned frequently to avoid breeding bacteria and producing taste

no matter where the trash can is located or whether it is cleaned frequently, it will give a bad impression. The solution is to choose a beautiful trash can so that its appearance does not make people feel that it is filthy. The more beautiful the trash can, the more it can change the unfavorable Feng Shui of the trash can

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