Why can’t the indoor light be too strong or too dark

Sunshine is very important for a room. Feng Shui believes that: ” Yang and Yin houses are not only about Qi, but also about light” ; In fact, light and Qi regulation are closely linked. Houses with good light and sufficient Yang are the most suitable for living

so what kind of light is a good light? This requires that the indoor lighting must be appropriate, and the light must not be too strong or too dark. Too strong light will have a very bad impact on residential Feng Shui. Strong light is easy to lead to physical fatigue and nervous tension

often living in a room with strong light, it is easy to get dizzy and have poor energy. In Feng Shui, Yoshiya should avoid strong light, which is called ” Guangsha ” , It needs to be avoided. If the light is too dark, it will be considered as excessive Yin Qi and disharmony of yin and Yang. The traditional house theory holds that rooms with too dark light are very unfavorable to living

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