What are the taboos on patterns in house decoration

In house decoration, there may be some patterns on the door, roof, ceiling, wall and ceramic tile to make the house more beautiful and exquisite. However, Feng Shui pays attention to the selection of decoration patterns. We mentioned earlier that different patterns have different five lines. According to the specific conditions of each part of the house, attention should be paid to when using patterns:

from Feng Shui, the gate pattern should not conflict with the five lines, and the five lines should be supplemented as much as possible. For example, if a person lacks wood and fire, it is better to choose a vermilion gate and match it with a rectangular pattern; The design of the living room can’t have too many triangles. Triangles belong to fire and are easy to rush into the living room atmosphere. Circles belong to gold and symbolize dynamics. They are very suitable for the living room, but they can’t overflow; The bedroom is not round, as mentioned above; The study is also round, because the study needs to be quiet as the bedroom

the kitchen and toilet should not have triangular patterns. The kitchen adds fire to the fire, which is too prosperous. The toilet belongs to water, which can overcome the fire, and the patterns can not help transportation. In addition to the shape, the content of the pattern should also be paid attention to. For example, the pattern engraved with fish should not be used in the bathroom and kitchen. The five elements of fish belong to water, which aggravates the moisture in the bathroom, and the water and fire are not allowed in the kitchen

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