How should the fridge be placed in the kitchen

The refrigerator is used to store food, fruits and vegetables and other things that need to be kept fresh, such as medicine. In Feng Shui, the refrigerator is regarded as ” Treasury ” , Because the refrigerator stores the food for a family’s life, which is a symbol of wealth. Therefore, first of all, the refrigerator needs to be full of things, rather than putting a few things thinly. Only in this way can it mean that there is enough food and clothing and the main source of wealth is prosperous

secondly, if the refrigerator is used, it should be plugged in for 24 hours instead of stopping for a while, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the refrigerator and be bad for the frozen food in the refrigerator. Thirdly, the attribute of the refrigerator is gold. If a member of the family is short of gold, the refrigerator should be placed in the position of the person who is short of gold, so as to play a regulatory role; If someone is jealous of money, avoid the location of the person

finally, refrigerators should not be placed together with things belonging to fire, because fire conquers gold, which will affect the refrigeration of refrigerators, and also cause wealth leakage in Feng Shui, with no return on the main investment

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