How should indoor rockery bonsai be placed

Because most modern people live in buildings, there is no courtyard to place rockeries, trees and other things that are helpful to residential Feng Shui. Therefore, there are all kinds of small bonsai at home, which is not only conducive to residential Feng Shui, but also beautify the indoor environment

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how should indoor rockery bonsai be placed? Feng Shui of rockery bonsai pays attention to

but since these things have certain Feng Shui energy, they need to be placed according to these Feng Shui energy, so as to effectively strengthen the residential Feng Shui aura and help the family’s fortune. So what Feng Shui is particular about the indoor display of rockery bonsai, and how to put it to the best effect

1. Rockeries should be placed in auspicious places: auspicious places in houses are generally places with good lighting and ventilation effects and certain gas accumulation effect. For example, the living room is a good choice. The living room itself has a certain effect of hiding wind and gas. Therefore, placing the rockery here can effectively absorb the Feng Shui aura entering from the gate, stabilize the Feng Shui aura of the living room and act as a town house

2. Location of rockery: the location of rockery should be in the west, northwest and north as far as possible. These three directions are the auspicious position of rockery. If they can be placed together with some plants, they can not only absorb the vigorous family fortune of Yang, but also have a certain effect of blocking evil spirits and ward off evil spirits. However, if it is placed in the southeast or East, it will be disadvantageous to the family, mainly affecting the family’s interpersonal relationship, financial luck, career development and so on

3. Rockeries should not be placed in dirty places: such as the door of the toilet, next to the garbage dump, etc. These are relatively dirty places in the house, so they are not conducive to the Feng Shui gas field of the rockery. They should be placed as far away as possible, otherwise they will infect the rockery gas field and cause indoor Feng Shui damage

therefore, when placing rockery bonsai indoors, we also need to pay attention to relevant Feng Shui, and there must be no problem in the placement position

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