Three factors affecting bedroom Feng Shui

There are three main factors affecting bedroom Feng Shui: the position of door and bed and color

the door is not only the way in and out of the bedroom, but also the way to introduce air into the room, so we must understand several taboos about the bedroom door:

the door is straight ” mdash” mdash; This situation should be avoided because the point of anger is ” Like to whirl but avoid going straight ” , Therefore, when the gate rushes directly, a screen can be added in front of the gate to construct a porch and other measures to block it. This is not only beneficial to the small environment of the bedroom, but also beneficial from the perspective of psychology such as protecting privacy

look at the door in the mirror ” mdash” mdash; In Chinese traditional living psychology, the mirror is used to reflect the evil spirit and dead spirit. Therefore, in any case, the mirror must not face its own door

gods opposite the door ” mdash” mdash; At present, in some more traditional families, in order to achieve peace of mind, there are many cases of placing or offering a statue of God, but it should be noted that it is best not to make the statue face the door

the second factor affecting bedroom Feng Shui is the position of the bed. There are many furniture in the room. Their placement and material have a great impact on the residents, such as sofa, cabinet, greening, etc. the most important thing is the location of the bed

the head of the bed should not be pressed by the beam ” mdash” mdash; In this case, the method of avoiding or blocking can be used, that is, remove the bed or add a ceiling under the beam

the head of the bed should not be straight to the door ” mdash” mdash; When the head of the bed is directly facing the door, the external direct air will have an impact on the human body during sleep. To resolve this situation, move the bed or turn upside down to sleep

the head of the bed should not be too close to the window ” mdash” mdash; From the perspective of environmental hygiene alone, if the head of the bed is close to the window, there will be a lot of strong direct light on sunny days; In rainy days, the wind will penetrate through the window cracks, which will affect sleep and even health

the third factor affecting bedroom Feng Shui is color. The choice of bedroom color is not only a problem, but also involves people’s own life information, hobbies and other factors. Too bright or too bright colors are not the best choice. The former will make people excited, while the latter will make people depressed. Those who also affect rest should not be used

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