How to decorate the interval of the porch wall

The residential area in modern cities is generally narrow, so the area of the porch should not be set too large. If the area of the porch is set too large, the other spaces of the house will obviously feel cramped and difficult to move. Therefore, the compromise is to use the glass screen as the interval. The semi transparent and semi covered material such as frosted glass can not only play the role of interval in space, but also borrow the visual effect of space development brought by the special material of semi transparent and semi covered. This can not only prevent the external air from rushing directly into the living room from the gate, but also make the narrow entrance not too narrow

the wall spacing should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top : facing the spacing of the gate, the lower half should be based on brick wall or wood board, which is solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent without leakage. If the porch does not use the wall as the partition, use the low cabinet to replace the shape, and choose glass or transparent wooden frame to decorate it. The low cabinet can be used as a shoe cabinet or sundry cabinet, and the seven sides can be inlaid with frosted glass, which is not only beautiful and solid, but also in line with the way of lower reality and upper emptiness. It must be noted that the glass is different from the mirror. The mirror that can reflect can not face the door. Gangwei will reflect the wealth of the home, but frosted glass has no such concern

the interval height should be moderate : generally, the height of two meters is the most appropriate; If the interval of the porch of the living room is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it. Feng Shui believes that if the porch of the living room is set too high, it will completely block the air outside the house, so as to cut off the fresh air or vitality from the door, which is very undesirable. If it is too low, it will have no effect. It is inappropriate in terms of Feng Shui and real friends

the color of the wall must be moderate : the color of the wall of the porch, whether wood, brick or stone, should not be too dark, so as not to make the porch look dull and lifeless. The most ideal color combination is that the ceiling at the top is the lightest, the floor at the bottom is the darkest, and the wall in the middle is between the two as a harmony and transition from top to bottom

the wall spacing should be smooth : the porch is the main access to the house. If the wall and floor are smooth, the air flow is unobstructed. If there are many uneven passages, it is necessary to avoid protruding stones as decoration

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