Which direction is the most suitable for keeping a dog

Like raising cats, raising dogs also depends on residential Feng Shui, in which the orientation of the gate is very important. The dog is one of the twelve zodiac animals, and the earth branch is ” Xu ” , (V) soil. Among the twelve zodiac animals, the tiger, rabbit and horse are the most suitable for dogs. The five behavioral trees of tiger and rabbit represent the East. Therefore, it is more suitable for dogs to open the door in the East. Although wood conquers soil and seems to be unfavorable to dogs, the inhibition effect will not be obvious because it attracts the Qi of tiger and rabbit

however, if the owner’s five elements are already wooden, plus the five elements in the direction of the gate, the wood is very strong, which may affect the dog’s health. The orientation of the zodiac horse is due south, and the five elements are fire, which is very conducive to the health of pet dogs. The residents with the gate facing this direction are most suitable for raising dogs, which can greatly promote the role of dogs in flourishing wealth and transportation

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