What Feng Shui should be avoided in the site selection of bookstores

(1) bookstores should not be opened beside the fast lane. Although there are fixed and mobile people on the side of the expressway, due to the isolation facilities, it is impossible to cross from both sides, and there are basically no parking facilities, so it is not suitable to open a bookstore

(2) bookstores should not be opened in areas with few surrounding residents and complete commercial outlets. There is a lack of floating population in these places, and the original facilities have basically met the consumption demand. The consumption will not even increase for the new bookstore

(3) where the floor is high. If the bookstore is opened in a high-rise building, small will only bring inconvenience to customers and affect the communication effect

(4) it should not be set on the slope road. It is not advisable to set the bookstore on the slope road. If you have to open it, you must set an entrance between the bookstore and the road. At the same time, the stomach of the window, the arrangement of channels and the display of goods should also be properly designed

(5) bookstores should not be set up where there is a great difference between the road surface and the shop floor. Although this kind of place is not suitable for opening a bookstore, considering the city that cherishes seven gold, if you must open it in this kind of place, you must carefully design the facade, entrance, ceiling and signboard of the bookstore, which is not only convenient for customers, but also beautiful and tidy

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