How to open doors and windows in children’s room

The door of the children’s room should not face the study door, toilet door and stairs, otherwise, it will affect the child’s vitality and rowing spirit. If you can’t lift your spirit when doing things, the rebellious child may run away from home. If it is not convenient to change to other rooms, you can hang a string of wind chimes in front of the children’s room, which can be improved by ringing a few times a day

in order to ensure the safety of children and prevent children from falling out of the window, it is better not to use floor to ceiling windows in the children’s room. And floor to ceiling windows are easy to make people have a huge sense of emptiness and children are easy to have fear

it is better to install curtains on the windows of the children’s room. After the children fall asleep, the curtains can be used to block the sound and light outside the window. But during the day, the curtains should be opened to let the bright sunshine and fresh air into the room to supplement the children with a favorable atmosphere

whether from the perspective of architecture or Feng Shui, the size of the window should be determined according to the size of the room, and the two must be proportional. However, in modern architecture, people often blindly increase the size of the window in order to be beautiful or pursue good ventilation and lighting effects, and even set the window of the children’s room as a floor to ceiling window, which is not only detrimental to the children’s personal safety, but also has an adverse impact on the children’s academic performance

residential Feng Shui focuses on hiding wind and gathering gas. Although too large windows can have better ventilation effect, it is also easier to lose the accumulated vitality in the room, and the spirit will dissipate if the air is lost. For children, whether in the study or bedroom, staying in such a room for a long time, they can’t concentrate. It’s naturally very difficult to concentrate on their study

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