What should we pay attention to in balcony decoration

Compared with the balcony, it is more important to play the role of the house; Gas receiving port, For example, in the introduction to home feng shui, it is believed that if there are problems in the decoration and furniture of the balcony, the Feng Shui environment in the whole house will be very bad. In addition, the pattern of the balcony itself should also be appropriate. It must not exist relative to the gate

the balcony should be in a good position

this is the key to ensure the stability of Feng Shui on the balcony. If the position of the balcony itself is not good enough and is not on the sunny side, but in the dead corner of the house, it is difficult to bring good ventilation and lighting effects. On the contrary, it will continue to gather Yin Qi and affect the stability of Feng Shui at home. Generally speaking, the house with balcony can look at the side where the sun rises as far as possible according to the direction of the house

balcony decoration

the key point of balcony decoration is the use of color. After all, the area of the balcony itself is not very large. As long as the tone is good enough, there will be no big problems. For example, softer tones such as white and light blue are the main tone of the balcony. In addition, balcony decoration also needs to be combined with the decoration mode of the bedroom. After all, from the perspective of pattern, Yangtai is a part of the bedroom

balcony placement

Jedi cannot place sundries on the balcony. Although many people will regard the balcony as the best place to place sundries, placing sundries on the balcony will only lead to continuous bad luck and unstable financial luck at home. You know, a good balcony can bring good fortune. Therefore, it is very important to keep the balcony environment clean and tidy. Moreover, the balcony is also an important vent in the home. If there are sundries, it will inevitably affect the air quality in the home

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