Is gossip hanging on the lintel of the neighbor opposite unlucky for your home

Unlike rural areas, many modern commercial houses are door-to-door, which often leads to some Feng Shui problems. For example, Aunt Zhang, recently, her opposite neighbor hung a gossip on the lintel. She was always worried and felt very uncomfortable. She also heard that this situation had an impact on her family luck and asked me how to resolve it

here is a feng shui master. In fact, the eight trigrams hanging on the door will not affect the house. The eight trigrams are just a cosmic symbol and will not be harmful. However, if the eight trigrams are hung with swords or engraved with one of the divine generals riding tigers and holding artifact, we should pay attention to them. Because the Trident is a sharp thing, and the carved tiger is also a fierce thing. This situation is evil and will affect other houses

in addition, some houses with antique decoration will be equipped with tiger head brand, which will affect other houses because it is made of copper. The aura of copper Feng Shui items is high. The tiger head is too fierce and will hurt others for one’s own selfish desires

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