Feng Shui is placed in the combination cabinet in the living room

In the living room of modern home, the combination cabinet is one of the important components of furniture. In the living room of ordinary families, the combination cabinet is usually high or low, long or short, which is difficult to generalize. Combined cabinets are often used to store and place televisions, stereos and various decorations. But many friends don’t know whether the high cabinet in the living room is suitable for the right or left. Let’s introduce the Feng Shui in the living room

in Feng Shui, it is emphasized that the high is the mountain and the low is the water. Therefore, the layout of any environment should be high and low, that is to say, ” Mountain ” ; Yes ” Water ” , This can produce Feng Shui effect. The high combination cabinet is suitable for placing on the left, the Dragon edge on the left is suitable for high, the low combination cabinet is suitable for placing on the right, and the tiger on the left is suitable for low

there are different heights and sizes of combined cabinets in home. Generally speaking, the large living room should use the higher and larger combination cabinet, while the small living room is suitable to choose some shorter and smaller combination cabinets. In this way, the visual effect of moderate size, practicality and beauty can be achieved

however, in the modern home environment, in order to beautify and decorate the supporting facilities, or starting from the owner’s personal hobbies and needs, there are also those who only arrange low combination cabinets in the large living room and use large combination cabinets as decorative partitions in the small living room. There are many families with high body combination cabinets in the living room. The collocation between the high combination cabinet and the sofa, one high and one low, one virtual and one real, is an ideal combination with staggered layout. TV, accessories and sound can be placed on the high combination cabinet, which looks neat, beautiful and practical

if the low combination cabinet is used in the living room, its height is as low as that of the low sofa combination, which violates the “Feng Shui” principle; Water ” ; None ” Mountain ” ; This situation must be corrected. The solution is to put a horizontal picture on the low combination cabinet, so that we will visually feel that the combination cabinet is higher than the sofa, which is equivalent to increasing the height of the combination cabinet in disguise. In this way, there is a ” Mountain ” ; Yes ” Water ” ; This method is simple and effective

the choice of hanging painting should be determined according to the decorative style of the living room, but whether it is traditional Chinese painting or oil painting, the content of the picture is mostly based on the mountains and rivers with far-reaching artistic conception or the leisure forest and lake. If the family doesn’t like to hang pictures on the low combination cabinet, a more common way can also be adopted, that is, install several groups of decorative lights on the low combination cabinet. In this way, in addition to placing ornaments, it also effectively increases the height of the combination cabinet visually, so that the appliances in the living room appear high and low, scattered and coherent

If a tall combination cabinet is placed in the small living room, it will make people feel oppressive. The solution is to use a half height cabinet to keep a distance of about two feet from the ceiling of the living room. In this way, the pattern of the living room can be greatly changed

don’t underestimate these two feet of space. It pays great attention to Feng Shui. With these two feet of space as a buffer, the air flow in the living room will have enough swing space, which can be unobstructed and free in the room without stagnation

if some small living rooms are designed to make effective use of space, they must adopt the high body combination cabinet to the top. The flexible alternative is to use the hollow high body cabinet. This can leave enough space in the middle of the cabinet to facilitate ” Gas ” ; A whirl of. The characteristic of this kind of cabinet is that the lower part is heavy and the upper part is light, which gives people a stable and transparent feeling

although the hollow high body combination cabinet in the small living room is high enough to reach the top of the living room, it will not appear crowded and reduce the sense of oppression because there is a large part of blank space in the middle. At the same time, you can put some books and sundries under the cabinet, and the space in the upper part can put antiques and all kinds of collectibles. The hollow part is more useful, and you can put TV, stereo and other household appliances

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