Arrangement of flowers and plants in the living room

When flowers and plants are taken home, we should not only pay attention to the varieties of flowers, but also pay attention to the harmony between them and the style of family decoration. For example, some flowers are rich in color and bright, but they are not suitable for simple and modern living rooms; There are also some flowers and plants with fixed shapes, which makes the room lack of movement. The most visual and expensive flowers and plants should be placed in the living room, and the quantity should not be large. The selection of flowers and plants should pay attention to the combination of medium and small, and should be placed at the corner. If it is equipped with an aquarium, the movement and static are appropriate, harmonious and consistent, full of interest and poetry. Attention should be paid to the arrangement of flowers and plants in the living room:

first, flowers and plants should be coordinated with the living room

the layout of the living room should avoid the scattered arrangement of messy green flowers and plants or ordinary ornamental flowers and plants on the windowsill, fireplace and TV of the living room. The room with high shelf can use Chlorophytum and creeping flowers and plants to make it look lower. The room with low shelf can be made taller by using neat and straight flowers and plants

II. the proportion of flowers and plants is also very important

flowers and plants with large and simple leaves can add color to the magnificent decoration of the living room, while ornamental leaves and plants with complex forms and changeable colors can enrich the monotonous room. The flowers and plants with small leaves and arched branches can make the narrow room seem more spacious

III. flower container and placement

glass vase should be placed in the north of the house. The spherical vase should be placed in the West or northwest of the house. High and deep wooden bottles should be placed in the east or southeast of the house. The conical vase should be placed in the south of the house. Pottery bowls should be placed in the southwest or northeast of the house

IV. flowers can also add vitality and energy to the home

flowers have a strong Feng Shui effect. Their color and shape will affect the gas energy of the house, and withered flowers will have a negative impact. It is necessary to change water and cut flower stems every day to make their work lasting. It’s best not to use dried flowers

the arrangement of flowers and plants in the living room should not pursue ” Quantity ” , Flowers and plants are always just an ornament. You can’t dress up the living room as a flower house. You should display tall and straight, graceful and vivid plants. The varieties that should be selected in the living room include the following. These flowers and plants contain the meaning of good luck, gathering wealth and happiness


orchid is a monocotyledonous plant, perennial herb, with a height of 20 ~ 40 cm and a long cylindrical root. Leaves clustered from the stem, linear lanceolate, slightly leathery, two to three in a bundle. Orchid is a traditional famous flower in China. It is a flower famous for its fragrance. Orchid has its unique leaves, flowers and fragrance (clear gas, clear color, clear spirit and clear rhyme), giving people a noble and elegant beautiful image. Celebrities in ancient and modern times highly praised it as ” A gentleman among flowers ”


kumquat, also known as kumquat, belongs to Rutaceae and is a famous fruit observation plant. In Guangdong and Hong Kong, many people buy for lucky during the Spring Festival. Kumquat is an evergreen shrub with solitary, white and fragrant flowers. The fruit is mostly oval, golden yellow, shiny, and some varieties are edible


Cyclamen, also known as rabbit flower, is a perennial herb of Cyclamen in zijinniuke. Cyclamen is a kind of widely planted flowers, which is suitable for indoor flowerpots and greenhouse planting in winter. Some cultivated varieties of Cyclamen have strong aroma, while some have light or no aroma

Fugui bamboo

Fugui bamboo, also known as Wannian bamboo, has thick green leaves, vigorous growth and wide cultivation. It is generally used for family bottle insertion or potted cultivation, especially the ” Tower ” ; Modeling, also known as ” Kaiyun Bamboo ” , It has high ornamental value and is popular in the international market


penglaisong is a perennial evergreen shrub, which is very suitable for potted viewing and can arrange flower beds. Its cultivation and management is relatively simple, and it has good negative resistance. It is mostly planted in small and medium-sized pots for indoor layout. At the same time, it is also an excellent material for flower arrangement and leaf lining

Aesculus Aesculus

Aesculus Aesculus has strong cold and drought resistance. It is an evergreen vine shrub with many branches, aerial roots at the stem nodes, palmately compound leaves, 7 ~ 9 leaflets, long oval, dark green and thin petiole. The flowers are yellowish green, flowering in autumn and winter, and the berries are red and yellow, mature in spring. Suitable for landscaping or potting

fortune tree

fortune tree is an evergreen tree, with a height of 8 ~ 15 meters and no more than 2 meters in potted plants. Palmately compound leaves, 5-7 leaflets, and many branches are whorled. The flowers are large, up to 22.5 cm long, with petals split, red, white or light yellow, and gorgeous color. Most of the indoor ornamental plants are pile landscape potted plants

money tree

money tree is a perennial evergreen herb. It is a rare foliage plant with underground tubers, which is native to tropical Africa. China was introduced from the Netherlands in 1997 and appeared in Fangcun village, Guangzhou and Chen Village, Shunde. Money leaves are thick and bright, just like a string of coins, so it is named after it


Clivia is a famous greenhouse flower. China has two species that have been transmitted from Europe and Japan. The former flower is small and drooping, which is called drooping Clivia; The latter flower is large and upward, called Clivia grandiflora, which is the most commonly cultivated species at present. Clivia’s leaves are green and shiny, and its flowers look like torches. The flower color is orange red, dignified and generous. It is an ideal potted flower to beautify the environment. The drooping flowers of Clivia are implicit, deep, elegant and solemn, and have another charm

Hongyun dangtou

Hongyun dangtou is a flower of fengpear family, which blooms at the top or middle of the plant. The flowers and leaves are prosperous, and the colors are red, with a very festive atmosphere

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