How to arrange the wine cabinet in the most prosperous house

The wine cabinet is specially used to place wine bottles and glasses. It is generally placed in the restaurant for easy access during dining or rest. The wine cabinet is generally of wooden structure and is relatively tall. It is regarded as ” in Feng Shui; Mountain, Therefore, the wine cabinet needs to be placed in the auspicious position of the kitchen. But how to determine the auspicious orientation of the kitchen

it can be determined according to the sitting direction of the kitchen house:

the house is the East four houses, that is, zhenzhai (sitting east to West), Xun house (sitting southeast to northwest), Lizhai (sitting south to North), Kan house (sitting north to South). The wine cabinet should be placed in the four auspicious squares of the East, South, North and south of the restaurant

if the residence is the West four houses, i.e. Qian house (from northwest to Southeast), Kun house (from southwest to northeast), Gen house (from northeast to southwest) and Duzhai (from west to East), the wine cabinet should be placed in the four auspicious squares of due west, Southwest, northwest and northeast

in addition, it should be noted that the glass door of the wine cabinet cannot face the divine throne or stove, otherwise it will violate the Feng Shui taboo; Moreover, the wine cabinet should not be placed with the fish tank, otherwise the wine gas will affect the growth of fish and destroy the wealth of the fish tank

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