How to improve Wen Changyun for job seekers and examiners

For job hunting and examination, strength is a necessary weapon, so the professional learning and accumulation usually done should not be careless. Only solid basic skills are the most reliable property. However, in addition to the 99 point effort, it also needs a key point of luck to successfully reach the other side of success

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in the transportation layout, the color of the study should be light green, or green furniture ornaments. Green is a kind of wood, which represents Wenqu star. Its professional position and position can help prosper Wenchang. Then, put a basin of four rich and valuable bamboos in the corner of your room or on your desk. It is best to choose a round ceramic vase, and keep the freshness and cleanliness of the potted plants, so as to help improve the positive energy. Thus, I can be confident and determined before the interview or when preparing for the exam. Sharp tools make good work. If you want to achieve Wenchang fame, the pen is the most important weapon for good luck. The combination of pen and Feng Shui layout can help you successfully pass the job search and examination, and then expand your financial resources

prepare a pen commonly used by job seekers or candidates, or a Jinbang Wenchang pen specially used to seek fame and wisdom, plus Wenchang talisman, and place it in the northeast of your home. Because Wenchang is located in the northeast, it is very helpful for fame, promotion, examination and wisdom. Then follow the following steps to make the interview and examination pass smoothly

first write down the name of the applicant or candidate and the year, month, day and hour of birth on the back of Wenchang symbol; Burn Wenchang talisman, and then wrap the commonly used pen or Jinbang Wenchang pen around the burned talisman for 3 times to strengthen energy; After each exam, use the incense holder engraved with Tai Chi to purify the pen used and restore the Feng Shui energy of the pen body

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