How to hang Feng Shui in the porch mirror

Porch mirrors can beautify furniture decoration. The installation of Feng Shui in porch mirrors will directly affect the feng shui of the house. So how to install the porch mirror? What should I pay attention to when installing the porch mirror? Below I found some Feng Shui materials about the installation of porch mirror, and I will study with you

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installation of Feng Shui mirror in the porch

the installation of Feng Shui mirror in the porch pays attention to

the porch decoration with the combination of Chinese and Western styles is the most taboo. The two style features are too obvious, which will inevitably be indiscriminate and disorderly

for the narrow porch space, it is best to avoid the right angle shape of the porch cabinet, especially the glass is easy to harm people. This should be avoided in the selection of furniture and decoration

the installation of the mirror shall be sealed on the back and side according to the process, so as to prevent the acid glass glue from corroding the mercury on the back of the mirror and causing the mirror mottled

the large-area mirror in the main background contains the collision and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Like a vast ocean, it accommodates hundreds of schools, covers everything, and expands the space infinitely. The bronze horse of the Han Dynasty and the flower rack of the late Qing Dynasty in the jewelry imply the track of the development of ancient culture, as if there was a clue of time for us to guess

in the large-area mirror, a circular mirror is hung. At first glance, it looks like a ripple caused by a drop of water on the water surface, as if you can hear the flow of water. The two table lamps with bright yellow lampshade are full of modernity. Bright yellow is the mainstream color of Chinese culture. Although it is a combination of Chinese and western, the style characteristics are not obvious, but have reached a high degree of unity

the Chinese style cabinet with no obvious style features has a thick atmosphere. The accumulation of history forms a rough surface, which forms a strong contrast with the smooth mirror, and is like the solid stone embankment beside the pond

how to hang Feng Shui in the porch mirror

the stairs should not face the entrance of the porch

the stairs face the entrance of the porch. The fresh air and energy flowing in will climb the stairs and cannot flow to other places. This is very undesirable. If your stairs are already like this, it’s best to put a pot of plants or a sculpture at the stairs

keep the porch bright

the porch is very important for the feeling of entering the door! People are already very tired after going out for a day. If the door is bleak, it will feel worse, which is a big taboo in the porch design! If the distance between the porch and the living room is short, or there is no turning point, you can use the light of the living room. If the porch is long or has a turning point, wall lamps need to be installed separately

porch color using

to understand different colors can help you simply improve the Feng Shui at the porch and be more friendly. The front door is red, which can attract positive energy; Black can attract wealth. If the porch is dark or too closed, it is best to paint the walls of the aisle in light colors and decorate them with brightly colored accessories

the right way to hang the mirror in the porch

the wall opposite the front door blocks the flow of energy into the porch. Your first instinct may be to hang a mirror on the door, which can open the space. In fact, it will reflect the energy out. However, facing the mirror to a beautiful scenery can not only attract people’s attention, but also make the space more deep. This seems to give an illusion that there is a beautiful potted plant in front of the door

mirrors can also be used as decoration, especially those small, narrow or black frames, which have a great sense of art. Hang them on either side of the entrance wall of the porch to reflect light, which can make the entrance feel bigger

the following points should be considered for the installation of the mirror in the living room entrance

1 The interval of the living room porch should be solid below to prevent leakage, and the above should be mainly transparent. Therefore, transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

  2. The daylighting of the living room porch should be bright rather than dark, and most residential porches have no natural light source, so we must use more brains in daylighting. In addition to the interval should use more transparent frosted glass, most of the living room porch has no outdoor natural light, so it is necessary to remedy it with indoor light, such as installing lights

  3. The interval of the living room porch should not be too high or too low, but moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most appropriate. Cabinets can be made below, about 88 cm high. The above can use Bogu shelves and so on. If the interval between the questions in the porch of the living room is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it. Feng Shui believes that if the porch of the living room is set too high, it will completely block the air outside the house, so as to cut off the fresh air or vitality from the door, which is very undesirable. If it is too low, it will have no effect, which is inappropriate in Feng Shui and practical aspects

  4. The porch of the living room should be kept clean and refreshing. If too many sundries are piled around, it will not only make the living room look messy, but also affect the feng shui of the house. The entrance of the living room is messy and dark, and the whole room will appear crowded and depressed. Some Feng Shui items, such as Kirin, can be placed on it

5. Generally, the porch should not be close to the window. Large chandeliers or ceiling lamps can be configured at the porch as the main lamp, and some spotlights, wall lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. can be added as auxiliary light sources. Some small floor lamps with upward light can also be used for decoration and embellishment

6. It is better to use neutral and warm colors on the walls of the porch, which can give people a soft and comfortable feeling, make people quickly forget the chaos of the external environment and appreciate the warmth of home

finally, I wish you all a good life, a good career, a good job and a natural love

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