What are the taboos in the layout of children’s room

Many parents are careless about their children’s bedrooms and think that as long as thousands of clean or colorful decoration are in line with their children’s nature. However, some children live in such a room, otherwise their academic performance is OK, but they often get sick and have weak resistance. Or it’s fun, not interested in learning, and parents are helpless. At this time, you should pay attention to whether your child’s room has committed Feng Shui. You can check your child’s room according to the following items:

bedroom location . Try not to use the northwest and southwest directions of the home for the location of the child’s bedroom. Although these directions will make the child sensible early, it is easier for the child to appear mature and alienated

environment outside the bedroom . The door of children’s bedroom shall not be opposed to the door of passage, kitchen and toilet. If there are these situations, it is necessary to adjust, or change the door, or split it with screens, physical objects, etc

bedroom building environment . The children’s bedroom cannot be set in the balcony after expansion or the living room after modification. Because these places are open field energy effects, which is unfavorable to the benign circulation of children’s immature energy field

bedroom environment . The decorative colors of children’s rooms should not be dark, cold, red, purple and other colors. These colors are easy to produce the rebellious effect of violence, irritability and panic in the magnetic field effect

bedroom ceiling . The ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, preferably milky white (dark color is fierce); The ceiling can be decorated with vertical and horizontal wooden strips, but all kinds of strange ornaments cannot be suspended

bed placement . If the children’s bedroom is close to the toilet, the children’s bed cannot be separated from the bathroom and toilet. The direction is based on the likes and dislikes of the children’s life Bureau. After the bed is placed, the foot of the bed should not be directly against the door. In the bedroom, if there is a mirror, the mirror cannot be directly aimed at the bed

ventilation and daylighting . The ventilation and lighting of children’s room need to be paid attention to. Rooms with natural wind and light should be used for children to live in. This is more conducive to the healthy growth of children