What is the main direction of doors and windows

There are three common gate orientations in ancient times: the middle gate (Southern rosefinch gate), the left gate (Oriental Qinglong gate) and the right gate (Western White Tiger Gate). Open the middle gate to Wang’s family, open the left gate to benefit men and the right gate to benefit women. However, few people opened the right door (white tiger door) in ancient times, and it is easy to form a peach blossom house in the West. Gu Yun: ” Opening the door in the northeast is weird” ;” When the rib opens the door, ghosts and thieves will sneak” ;

generally speaking, the direction of doors and windows mainly pays attention to the following points:

① doors and windows have great advantages in the East, and there are ” Purple comes from the East ” ; It is also a very good position to open doors and windows in the South and Southeast, which is characterized by good light and air convection

② the house faces the northeast and the ancients thought it was “Feng Shui”; Table ghost gate ” , The air field is cold, wet and cold, which is unfavorable to people’s health. It’s better not to open this position or turn it down; As for the southwest and West, there are ” Inside ghost gate ” ; It is said that the atmosphere is gloomy and muggy, especially in the west, with cold and hot in winter and summer, which is particularly unfavorable to women, so it is appropriate to open a small window

③ the house is prosperous in Nanyang. It is auspicious if there are sunshades on the windows. In the west of the house, the sun is setting and the sunset is setting. It is better to open a small window than a large one. The main air conditioner in the north of the house is cold and overcast. It’s better not to open the window

④ the northwest is the important place of a house, which is ” The throne of King ” , It should be quiet rather than moving. Opening the window will be damaged by the cold wind in the northwest, which is even worse for the luck of the head of the family

⑤ the location of doors and windows shall be based on the principle of combining Qi with the sun and water, and it is forbidden to open the door in bad shape

the above are some basic principles. In fact, the choice of door and window direction also needs to consider the zodiac of house owners. Generally speaking, the first space after entering the door of the house is the living room. The door of the living room is consistent with the door of the house. The relationship between the house owner’s zodiac and the hall door reflects the relationship between the house owner’s zodiac and the door

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