Taboo of placing bed in bedroom

There are still several taboos on the placement of the bedroom bed, which has a great impact on the health and wealth of the bedroom owner:

(1). The bed cannot be placed in the center of the house. This point is very easy to understand from the perspective of Feng Shui, making a ” Helpless ” ; If you don’t sleep well, your health will naturally get worse and worse

(2) the bed cannot face the window or bedroom door. Facing the window, it is vulnerable to cold wind, especially unfavorable to women, which may affect fertility; Facing the bedroom door, not only the privacy is easy to be exposed, but also the anger of the owner is directly taken out of the room, and the wealth will be lost

(3) the bed should not lean against the toilet wall or kitchen wall. One belongs to water and the other belongs to fire, and the turbidity is heavy, which seriously affects the quality of sleep. In this case, you can’t just look at ” Rely on ” ; The principle of

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