Will hanging a big mirror at home affect Feng Shui

Mirrors are indispensable items in modern families, but they are more or less large or small; Mirror plays an important role in Feng Shui. If used correctly, it can be beneficial to people’s health, otherwise it will have a negative impact on people’s health and spirit

mirrors are usually used to observe appearance, so they will be set in bedrooms and toilets, and even most women will carry small mirrors with them; In some homes, the living room space is relatively narrow, and the mirror will also be used as the wall to expand the field of vision. The mirror should pay attention to the following points in home feng shui

1. Do not use reflective glass or reflective transparent body in the external environment of the house, so as not to shine the reflection into your home, especially the bedroom, which will have a great negative impact on people’s health

2. The mirror should not be placed at the entrance of the door at home, and the circulation of the gas field should be maintained; Otherwise, the mirror will reflect the Yang Qi coming in from the gate, resulting in the phenomenon that the Qi field can only go out but not enter

3. Don’t face the bed when the mirror is in the bedroom, otherwise it will make people nervous and have nightmares at night; It’s best not to put the mirror on both sides of the bed. It’s best to have the head of the bed side by side. In addition, the mirror in the bedroom is better to be round

4. If conditions permit, it is best to hide the mirror, for example, put the mirror in the wardrobe and open the wardrobe when using it

5. The display screen of TV and computer also has the function of reflection, and it also has the function of mirror on Feng Shui. Therefore, it is best not to put it in front of the bed

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