How to see feng shui taboos in decorating a house

As we all know, decorating a house should pay attention to Feng Shui and avoid Feng Shui taboos in order to bring us good luck. So in Feng Shui, how to see feng shui taboos in decorating a house? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

how to look at Feng Shui taboos in decorating a house

how to look at Feng Shui taboos in decorating a house

when the door sees the mirror

the mirror faces the door, it will have a great evil spirit, because the door is one of the main gas fields in the home. Over time, it will destroy the gas field, which will not only affect the wealth of the residents in the house, but also be harmful to their health

The so-called hall evil is that the gate is facing the back door or the front window is facing the back window. As long as the air ports at the outermost of the house are opposite to each other and there is no opaque object in the middle, this is the hall evil. The effect of hall evil is that Qi comes out as soon as it enters the house, so it doesn’t gather Qi and gather wealth. The gas hall will also cause the rapid flow of gas field in the house, which is very unstable, and it is easy to have the effect of blood light accident

see the stove at the gate

many people don’t pay attention to the kitchen and think it’s just a place to cook rice and water, so they think it’s irrelevant. In fact, this is a big mistake. Seeing the stove at the front door means that the front door is facing the kitchen, which makes it difficult to gather money

open faucet

Feng Shui Sheung Shui is wealth. If the faucet faces outward in your home or office, the water will always flow out. In Feng Shui, these are the patterns that will make you lose money

the kitchen is close to the bathroom

such a design is a great disadvantage of Feng Shui and a design that does not gather money

cracks on the walls

although cracks on the walls of the house belong to the scope of house quality, they will also affect their own Fengshui wealth. If cracks occur, it is recommended to repair them as soon as possible

the wealth at home is dirty and messy

many people are busy with their work and ignore the sanitation and tidiness of the room, which will not only affect the comfort of living, but also affect the wealth and Feng Shui of the house. When you are free, clean up the indoor hygiene and let the money roll in

door to elevator or stairs

door to elevator or door to stairs, which is very bad. The reason is that this belongs to the so-called morning glory evil spirit in traditional Neo Confucianism. It is said that the method is to lead nose water or go downstairs, which is very unfavorable to the gathering of wealth

the bed is under the window or facing the door

the placement of the bed is also very particular. Generally speaking, from the perspective of water distribution, the bed should not be placed under the window or facing the door, which is not conducive to wealth

improper color layout in the home

in the color layout of the house, we should consider not only the comfort of color matching, but also the Feng Shui wealth of the overall color

how to look at the Feng Shui taboos of house decoration

house decoration must look at Feng Shui taboos — Feng Shui in the living room

the Feng Shui in the living room is related to the fate of the family and the harmony of family relations, which is a major event and must be observed. Living room feng shui is the most important part of Yang Zhai Feng Shui. The good and bad luck of a family’s overall house transportation, whether it is the pros and cons of career promotion, the level of luck, the quality of family wealth, the depth of husband and wife’s fate, the transportation of children’s reading and examination, and whether their health status is normal, are largely determined by the Feng Shui in the living room. It shows that Feng Shui in the living room is the core of Feng Shui in Yangzhai, and its importance is certainly unparalleled

Feng Shui taboo must be seen in house decoration — kitchen

does the kitchen also have Feng Shui? Of course, and kitchen Feng Shui is also very important. If your kitchen Feng Shui is not good, it may also lead to poor financial luck in your family, so you must pay enough attention to kitchen Feng Shui

first of all, if the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and shines on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house

followed by ancient books ” lt” lt; Three essentials of Yangzhai ” gt” gt; There are clouds in: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money;. It means that the fire mouth of the stove is in a straight line opposite the door, so that there is punishment. In this case, the wealth of the Lord’s family is unlucky, it is suspected of losing money, and it will damage their health. Mainly pay attention to gastroenteropathy. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in a straight line with the stove, it is unlucky. The solution is to move the stove to another place

finally, the top of the stove cannot be pressed by a beam, otherwise it will affect the health of the owner in the house. In addition, the faucet can not be aligned with the fire mouth of the stove, and the vegetable washing basin can not be too close to the stove

in addition, the color of the kitchen should be mainly light color, such as white, ivory, etc

Feng Shui taboo must be seen in house decoration – bedroom

people spend at least one-third of their time in the bedroom, so the Feng Shui layout inside is more important, which will have a direct impact on the luck of people living inside. And the beds in the bedroom are also well placed. If they are not properly placed, it will not only affect the master’s luck, but also have a negative impact on his feelings, especially for girls

how to see the top ten Feng Shui taboos in decorating a house

Feng Shui taboo 1 for home decoration

if the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, the curtains can be pulled up for a long time as a barrier. The entrance and exit gate should not be directly facing the balcony, which forms the so-called ” Through the heart, It’s not easy to gather money at home. There are many things to lose money

solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and the balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (those who hit water taboo cannot put a fish tank, which can be replaced by a screen). It can be used as a balcony window to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing rattan plants. It is also a feasible method to pull the curtain for a long time

Feng Shui taboo for home decoration II

the balcony cannot face the kitchen, which is also a kind of ” Through the heart, It will weaken the reunion function of the family, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will come out of the wall, and the child will not be affected to go home

solution: make a flower rack full of climbing rattan plants or place potted plants to isolate the inside and outside; Then you can make balcony sound, which is also a blocking method. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony shall be pulled up as far as possible or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it shall not affect the actions of the residents, and it shall be covered by a cabinet or screen. In short, do not let the balcony go directly to the kitchen

Feng Shui taboo for home decoration III

if the couch is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its power of shock. The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain

solution: avoid placing the couch and bed under the beam or wrap the beam with decoration so that it is not exposed

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 4

those who hit water taboo can’t put a fish tank at home. It’s not known to the outside world that they can gather money as long as they put a fish tank. Residents must be clear about the five elements of happiness and taboos. If there are special taboos, they should be avoided at home

solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute. Five elements like to avoid fire, water, soil, wood, gold and fire

Feng Shui taboo for home decoration 5

the vertical eaves of the canopy should be made into an arc and avoid arrow shape. The vertical eaves of the balcony canopy cannot be in the shape of an arrow, which is harmful to those who often go in and out of the balcony

solution: do not make a vertical eave. If it must be made, try to make an arc instead of a sharp shape

Feng Shui taboo 6 for home decoration

the stove can not be placed facing the door of the back balcony or the kitchen door, which is harmful to the health of those who often eat at home

solution: a cloth curtain can be installed on the door as a barrier

Feng Shui taboo 7 for home decoration

do not install mirrors at home to avoid damaging the indoor magnetic field

sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the room likes to be decorated with a bright mirror, but it’s best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field of the person who keeps it as his own heart disordered due to reflection

solution: if you must install a mirror, it is also appropriate to install it on one wall instead of both sides, resulting in reflection. Or use home decoration cloth to make a curtain to cover it

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 8

plants with wide broad-leaved leaves should be planted at home, and sharp and thin leaves of cactus should be avoided, which is easy to cause disputes

plants at home should also be carefully selected. Don’t plant plants with slender leaves, so the owner is easy to provoke disputes. Ferns and kudzu vines should not be planted. Such plants are shady. If they grow luxuriantly, they are easy to provoke at home ” Unclean ” ; Something

solution: choose flowers with broad leaves or strong vitality

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 9

the location of the toilet is very important in home feng shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine equal parts, the one in the middle is home ” Zhonggong ” , The location of the home toilet cannot be ” Zhonggong ” ; The so-called “up”; The toilet occupies the middle Palace ” , It’s bad for the family’s wealth and health

solution: if the construction company has placed the toilet in the middle palace, try to exchange the washbasin and toilet, or store water in the bathtub for a long time, which can be improved

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 10

in addition to the interior of the building, the decoration of the architectural appearance is also important. Someone made some protrusions on the roof, such as large objects such as heads. It looks like a tumor on the outside of the house. This kind of exterior decoration with bad image should be avoided in Feng Shui at home

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