How to beautify the gate and porch

In addition to the Feng Shui function of transforming evil spirits, preventing leakage and covering up, the porch also has the beautification function of home decoration. The exquisitely designed porch will make people feel bright in front of them as soon as they enter the door, boost their spirit, and make the house glow immediately. Therefore, we should try our best to beautify the porch in interior design

beautifying the porch has the following four basic principles:

transparent. The space of the porch should be mainly transparent, so transparent frosted glass is better than thick wood. Even if you have to use wood, you should also use wood with bright colors rather than fancy ones. If the color is too deep, it is easy to feel clumsy

moderate. The space of the porch should not be too high or too low, but moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most suitable; If the space of the porch is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it, and too low will have no effect. It is inappropriate in Feng Shui and no juice

bright. The porch should be bright rather than dark, so we must use more brains in daylighting. In addition to the relatively transparent frosted glass or glass brick, the color of wood floor, floor tile or carpet should not be too dark. If there is no outdoor natural light in the porch, indoor lights should be used to remedy it, such as installing long-term lights

neat. The porch should be kept clean and refreshing. If too many sundries are stacked, it will not only make the porch look chaotic, but also have a great impact on residential Feng Shui. The entrance is messy, dark and depressing, and the house is not far from home

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