Moving Feng Shui steps

Feng Shui has rules for moving. It’s a joy to move. It’s a great event in life. Feng Shui must pay attention to quitting the old house and installing a new home. Choose a good day and pay attention to Feng Shui taboos. If you don’t be careless, everything will be fine

move Feng Shui steps

1. Choose the ” Beautiful scenery ” ;. You can choose a day by looking at the Tongsheng of the old yellow calendar or asking the feng shui master to take it. In addition, it depends on whether this day is in opposition to the family. If so, choose another day and time

according to the records in Tongsheng, post horses, Tianma, Dehe, Kairi, Chengri, tianamnesty, Tianyi, four phases, Shide, minri, yueen, etc. are the most suitable for relocation. Pay attention to avoid the records in Tongsheng: four wastes, five tombs, four departures, breaking the sun, weekdays, closing the sun, four wonders, going to death, returning to taboo, heavenly officials, big time, monthly weariness, monthly punishment, three evil spirits, etc

2. Choose a new pillow to move. Wei Li believes that ” Join ” ; It is the transfer of people’s aura, so pillows are needed to enter the house first: according to the number of families, new pillows are used to open the door and enter the house. Place according to individual beds. In Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, Chinese people also put envelopes in their pillows with 138 yuan hidden inside in order to ” Lifetime hair ” ; Meaning

3. When checking in, take 21 sticks of incense and light it, enter from the left of the house, let the thick smoke sweep up and down the hall, toilet, bath, kitchen stove, ceiling, wall and to the foot of the wall, go out from the right of the house to a safe place outside, put it out and discard it. In order to get rid of evil spirits, especially for those houses built on the foundation of Feng Shui

4. If you are pregnant, you should not witness the whole relocation process. During the auspicious time of the relocation day, it is best to do some work, such as boiling water, cooking, worshipping God, setting off firecrackers, etc

5. On the day of check-in, you must boil a pot of boiling water, which means that money is rolling. At the same time, plug all kinds of basins (kitchen, toilet, etc.), turn on the faucet and let the fine water flow slowly; Because the water flows long, it means that the bowl is full. In the house, you can also turn on the fan to blow around, but don’t blow to the door. It means that wind generates water

6. When moving, it’s best to carry a rice jar or bucket filled with rice, in which a piece with ” Chang man ” ; Red paper, or an envelope with 168 yuan, take it ” All the way ” ; Meaning

7. If the journey is long when moving, take a handful of rice, a handful of soil and a small bottle of water with you to your new home. Especially for moving from one province to another, let alone going abroad. In this way, we can prevent acclimatization and missing our hometown

8. Never be angry on the day of moving. Never swear, especially children. Be sure to say auspicious words and do auspicious things

9. Don’t take a nap in your new house on the day of moving, otherwise you will be prone to disease in the future. When going to bed that night, the host should lie down for a few minutes and get up to work for a while, indicating that he will get up after going to bed

10. Make a fuss on the first day or week after moving, that is, be sure to invite relatives, friends and neighbors to have a lively time at home: or chat, eat or entertainment. The more lively it is, the more it is to ward off evil spirits

precautions for Feng Shui House moving ceremony

(the following house entering ceremony is popular in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Guangdong and Guangdong regions)

1. Three days before entering the new house (or the day before yesterday), a little glutinous rice and a little crude salt must be added to the water and sprinkled into the house (from inside to outside, that is, the end of the hall and gate)

2. Turn on the light after sprinkling rice water (turn on the light 24 hours), and turn off the light until you move into the house

3. No one is allowed in the new house on the day of entering the house. (this one is different from the principle we usually say, and friends can refer to it)

4. If the person who is violated on that day cannot participate in the ceremony, he can enter the new house only after the ceremony

5. Prepare a small stove in front of the gate of the new house and light a fire

6. Open the door after the fire is booming and shout: ” The door of wealth, the door of wealth is wide open, and gold, silver and treasures roll in ” , Then throw the prepared coins (one dollar gold coin, how much is optional) into the house, and then roll in eight big oranges (eight persimmons for company)

7. After that, each person takes things (not empty handed) across the stove and enters the house

8. Those who have the position of calming the mind, advanced gods and furnaces, and those without calming the mind, enter the mascot, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea first (important documents provided by the company, such as printing)

9. Ask the workers who move to give them a red envelope outside the house and let them take Geely into the house

10. Don’t dress too casually on the day of moving. Take some gold and money with you

11. Finally, move the fire outside the door into the room. You can use this stove to boil water, make tea and worship ancestors and gods

12. You must have a meal in your new home on the day you enter the house, that is, you must cook water and rice in your new home, and you can pack and buy small dishes from the outside

13. The soil will not be replaced until it is determined that there is no repair and hole saving

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