A treasure book of home feng shui decoration

How many do you know about home feng shui? What are the Feng Shui issues that need to be considered at home? Now let me introduce you to the relevant articles of the treasure book of home feng shui decoration

Home Feng Shui decoration common sense collection

five must know Feng Shui decoration common sense, how many do you know

first, the shoe cabinet is better on the fifth floor

the shoe cabinet is suitable to be placed at the door where people often go in and out, rather than in the room. The shoe cabinet is usually multi-layer design. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is better to have five floors in the shoe cabinet, because the soil represents five. It is not a problem if the shoe cabinet is less than five floors, and it is taboo to have more than five floors, because the shoes are soil and should be ” Down to Earth ” , If you put your shoes too high, it is easy to sprain and fall when walking. Moreover, shoes represent ” Foundation ” , Lay a solid foundation and contribute to the development of your career. When placing, it’s best not to face people directly. The toe is outward, and the toe is easy to become angry and sharp, which is harmful to the health of the owner

Second, nails should not be nailed behind the door

in home life, many people are willing to nail some nails on the back of the door to facilitate hanging things, and nail on the wall, which is actually bad. In particular, nails cannot be nailed behind the door, because the function of the door is equivalent to people’s face in Feng Shui. Nails on the door are like thorns on the face. If you have to hang something, I suggest you buy a traceless hook

Third, it’s better not to choose flowering plants

keep some flowering plants at home or in the office as a decoration. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it’s better not to choose flowering plants, because some flowering plants can’t attract money, but will bring some troubles, such as allergies, incorrect placement, and married people are also easy to provoke good luck. It is suggested to choose plants with thick rhizomes, lush, large leaves and like Yang, such as Fugui bamboo, apple green, fortune tree, etc

IV. it is better to lean against the wall on both sides of the bed

the so-called empty bedside means that there is no mountain back or mountain back. This phenomenon is often seen in many family layouts. Leaving the head of the bed empty is easy to lack a sense of security and feel insecure. From the analysis of the layout of Feng Shui at home, it is actually a taboo, because people have the worst prevention ability after entering the sleep state. If there is bad luck, they will be hurt unknowingly, especially there is a saying called ” Immortals are also afraid of the wind behind their heads, It is easy to cause some adverse health symptoms. It is recommended that when placing the bed, at least two sides are solid against the wall

v. carpets should be colorful

carpets in front of sofas are as important as the bright hall in front of the house to receive gas and a piece of green grass in front of the house. Carpets with colorful, harmonious composition and bright colors should be selected. If the colors and patterns can be matched properly, such as choosing their own color of Caixing or their own auspicious tone, the hall will have different aura and spatial changes. At the same time, the color of the carpet can also be used to make the house prosperous

five skills teach you to decorate and pretend to be a high force

skill 1: focus on the activity area

when relatives and friends visit, the living room naturally becomes the most important activity area. Of course, people will come and go in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen

if you want to maintain the original overall design of the home and don’t want to turn it into a complicated and strange place because of many people, you can just decorate these areas and keep other areas as they are. As long as it is properly arranged, it not only saves unnecessary labor, but also makes the atmosphere up

skill 2: place it symmetrically, balanced and reasonably

when arranging the room, it is often necessary to combine some accessories together to make it a part of the visual focus. At this point, the sense of symmetry and balance is very important. When there are large furniture nearby, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low, or the center of gravity of the two ornaments should be consistent, so as to avoid visual disharmony. In addition, when placing ornaments, the characteristics of each ornament can be highlighted only when the front is small and the back is large, and the layers are clear, which will also feel more comfortable visually

skill 3: when arranging the home in combination with the overall home style

, we must first find out the overall style and tone of the room, and then arrange it according to this unified tone, so that it is not easy to make mistakes. For example, simple home design is more suitable for home accessories with a sense of design, while the natural rural style should focus on natural home accessories. Now, home accessories are no longer just those monotonous accessories in the past. You can choose things that are both creative and personalized

tip 4: don’t put all the accessories out

many people are used to displaying every jewelry when decorating their rooms. They think this will not only make the home magnificent, but also bring more good luck to their families. As everyone knows, from the perspective of home decoration, placing too many things will only make the layout of the whole family lose its characteristics, quality and style, and appear disorderly

if you really like these babies and hold ” Music alone is not as good as music for all ” ; ” Fraternity ” ; Psychologically, you might as well classify the accessories at home and put them with the same attributes together. However, there is no need to rush to show it all, but after classification, change the layout according to seasons or festivals to change different home moods. In this case, the home can always be renovated. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone

skill 5: focus on home cloth art

people who love home decoration know that seasons have life, so each season has its own home cloth art of different colors and patterns. In spring, the sofa cover with fresh flower patterns is full of spring; In summer, choose fresh fruit or flower pattern curtains, which are full of vitality; In autumn and winter, change into a plush pillow to warm your heart. Whether it is gorgeous printed cloth, gorgeous silk or romantic lace, you can change different home styles by changing different styles of cloth art, which is more economical and easier to complete than changing furniture

how to decorate a new home

unified style

home decoration should be carried out according to the overall home style, and be uniformly arranged with the overall style and tone, which can make the home look more coordinated and comfortable. For example, if it is a natural pastoral decoration style, it should focus on home accessories with rural flavor. If it is a simple decoration style, it is more suitable to use works with a sense of modern design

cloth decoration

cloth with different colors, materials and personalities can be selected as decoration in different seasons. Whether it is gorgeous printed cloth, romantic lace or gorgeous silk, it can evolve different feelings. However, the color of cloth decoration must be harmonious and unified, which can enhance the overall sense of the room and soften the excellent lines in the home

balance and symmetry

decoration with a sense of balance and symmetry can combine the whole household accessories to form a visual focus. For example, to achieve a sense of balance, large furniture can be displayed from high to low in order to reduce the sense of disharmony. The vision of two trinkets should be consistent to achieve a sense of symmetry. For example, put two pillows with the same style together, or put two trinkets with uniform pattern and color side by side. If you want to highlight the characteristics of each jewelry, you can also follow ” The front is small and the rear is large, with clear layers ” ; Rules

plant flavor

if you want to add some natural flavor to your home, you can place plant potted plants at home. Different flowers decorated in different solar terms can bring a delicate and fresh feeling to life

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