Will bad toilet Feng Shui affect personal wealth

The toilet is different from the bedroom and kitchen. Although it is also an indispensable part of the house, the Feng Shui it owns can not bring extra points to the feng shui of the whole house. On the contrary, it is easy to become the culprit of the downturn of the feng shui of the whole home. Especially if the toilet door is not opened correctly or in a suitable position, and so on. Therefore, when decorating the toilet, we must ensure the stability of Feng Shui in the toilet

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“gt; the quality of the toilet may have a bad impact on personal wealth. Especially when the toilet door is opposite to the kitchen door, the water fire conflict pattern will directly disperse the stove fire in the kitchen, resulting in a significant decline in personal wealth. In this case, it will be very difficult to maintain the stability of income. Therefore, ensuring the stability of Feng Shui in the toilet can improve personal wealth

2 how to ensure the stability of Feng Shui in the toilet

in addition to making efforts in decoration, we should also ensure that the toilet door is in the correct position. Because the toilet door is an air transportation entrance, if the position is incorrect, the hedging pattern mentioned above may occur, resulting in the instability of Feng Shui in the toilet. In addition, some important decoration and furnishings in the toilet should also comply with common sense. For example, the mirror should avoid the gate and cannot be opposite to the gate. At the same time, it cannot be opposite to the fish toilet

3 master the correct resolution skills

if you fail to maintain the stability of Feng Shui in the toilet according to the correct decoration method, you must choose the appropriate resolution skills to deal with it. For example, when the door of the house is opposite to the door of the toilet, you should choose to place a screen in their home, so as to avoid the collision between air transportation

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